I am a child of God, like you. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I am a wife and mother that passionately loves and delights in her family.  I find joy in finding experiences that enrich my and my family's lives, learning new things that inspire or empower.  I love laughing. I love beautiful places (inside and out).  I believe love and miracles are a lot more common, but still wondrous, than most people think.  

I love family history. Hearing the stories of faith, determination, and even failings of my ancestors, excites me.  Lives can be changed through the recordings of experiences--even generations after, if shared.

As you read look for our experiences, changes, hopes, dreams, ideals. Usually it will be upbeat and sometimes I will not post sad things. Our lives have the normal ups and downs but not all will be shared as I prefer to focus on the positive.

Thanks for reading!


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