Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Grammers Goes

When Grammers left, there were a lot of hugs.
T was so sad that Grammers was leaving he cried.

We all missed Grammers right away.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Grammers at Rehearsal

 Grammers came to rehearsal that night and luckily she was handy with her camera.

 Funny thing happened. We bought R a brand new pair of shoes one of those days.  Then the first night he wore them he scuffed them on one of the things he was in charge of helping move.  He took them off and put them by the chair in the auditorium he was sitting at.  But, when we got up to leave we couldn't find them anywhere. I swear I looked all over that area about five times (I'm a pretty good finder, generally speaking) and at that time they were no where to be seen.  The second day into performances, I found the shoes right where he'd been sitting.
 I loved this outfit--probably because that is when I had lines.
 That jackets was an old shower curtain and every time I put on that hat I felt like I was wearing a chicken on my head.

 Can you see he chicken?

This was where R had his celebrated line "Professor Zoltan Carpathy"
 My dance partner was Dean--er-- Alfie Doolittle.

 Thankful that I could be in My Fair Lady.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Newport, Oregon

R is officially as tall as me. How did this happen?
 Big Foot welcomed us to the museums in Newport while Grammers was here.  They each had their own draws.
 Do you recognize anyone in the jars?
 S begged fo rem to take this photo, but I admit--it kind of creeps me out.
 There is a surprise couple of wax people that blend in so well.
 We all sat and waited for them to take their photos--until we realized they were wax.  That was a bit of a shock.

 Live long and prosper.  This is how I carry J all over the place.
 Grammers treated S to a wax hand.
 They dipped her hand in cold water then into the warm wax.  Then back into the cold.
 I tried to get a convo going with Batman but all I heard was a grunt.
 Penguin thought that J was pretty sweet and was mid-compliment-paying.  I hate to say it, but Batman seemed like a bit of a snob.

 Yoda was trying to give us lessons, but then he's like, "You know how to use the force already--you're a mom!" Hahaha!

 Mr. Depp and I had a great Charlie and the Chocolate Factory talk.  We decided it was his best film.
 K loved the microphone that broadcasted to the whole room.
 So did S.
 Look who snuck up on me! Those Sith, really are creepy and suuuuper tall.
 Then the best part of the museum...

 Nye Beach was beautiful and warm on this day.

 We flew a kite.

 So fun to spend the day in Newport with Grammers.