Monday, July 3, 2017

Teeth, Pneumonia, and Cars

Life is such a wonderful, busy thing.  It seems like we're dodging, bending, pushing, pulling, etc. to get things going our way. I am so grateful for you!
On Tuesday I got two teeth out and one of them, an infected one, did not want to come out and fought with the world's best oral and maxillofacial surgeon (in my opinion).  But, after much chipping, drilling, and determination on my surgeon's part, the tooth was out and prepped as much as possible for an implant (which is desperately needed). For the record, if you're getting an extraction from an oral surgeon it is surgery.  I forgot that and was thinking it would be like getting a filling.  It was nothing like that.  I feel like I had a big surgery in my mouth.  I am on antibiotics and still swelling a bit.  It feels as though half of my mouth is empty of teeth and perhaps I have a new lisp.  It's a good thing we're so closely related to an amazing oral surgeon because the girls in our family particularly have absolutely terrible teeth.  We're on well water and there is no fluoride in the water--so I would like to blame it on that.  On Saturday, when I wrote and edited this my swelling was beginning to go down and I may have a bit of a bruise.  That tooth held on for dear life, I tell you!

I have had ice packs on my face a lot, which gives me the look of Santa. 
Then today we found out K has pneumonia.  Lovely.  I haven't heard any whistling when she breathes, but she has been super sleepy, wakes screaming in the middle of the night, and pretty clingy--where normally she is one of the most energetic four year olds you've ever met.  Hopefully, and gratefully for antibiotics, she should be better in a couple of days.    I love her so dearly and hope that she will better right away.
Meanwhile JJ is crawling and S, T, and R have been working very hard on the yard.  I'm so proud of their hard work!!
We've found a book that we've loved listening to The Hero's Guide to Saving the Kingdom.  It is hilarious and the reader of the book makes it all the more funny.   I wish I could write like this!!  It may be one of our new favorite books!
Two weekends ago, W and the kiddos went to a YM and YW boating activity.  They had a wonderful time and got to water ski.  K and S got super duper sunburned and I thought K's symptoms were mostly due to that.  But, they're on the mend.
I was going to go join them with JJ and was in W's cars when it stalled at a stop light.  Come to find out I blew out his muffler.  Then I put my hand in there to pull it out and it felt like fiberglass.  I had a whole bunch people ask me what happened and I said mock-proudly, "I blew out the muffler. It takes skill. Some people have it and some don't. Apparently, I do!"
People smiled a wee bit to themselves and walked on.  I was able to get home and even though I though the reverse was broken, turns out in this automatic you have to push down to get to reverse.  I won't ever forget that now.  Hopefully.  

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