Monday, July 31, 2017

Sunscreen Every Two Hours--For Reals

At the end of June the youth in our ward went on a camp out and boating trip.
 Since W was going the two younger kidlets, T and K went too.  They LOVE camping.

 Then the next day K got the worst sunburn of her life.  She wouldn't let anyone look at it.
 She has made sure to wear sunscreen every time she is outside and to wear a swim shirt instead of just a suit.

 S got a really good sunburn, but K was the winner winner chicken dinner sunburn wise.  They loved riding on the boats.  Thank you to the Tappanas and Gabells.
 It was so beautiful that day. I was going to come, but W took my van and I blew out his muffler on his car just before I was about to go.  I'm gifted that way.  It was super hot and I didn't want to break down in that heat.

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