Thursday, June 29, 2017

Setbacks and Grit

R, you went to your first "job" today.  You were so excited.  But, it was a test day, you had to pick 25 pounds of blueberries per hour to keep your job.  By the end of your six hour day, you'd picked 100 pounds.  You knew right away that you hadn't picked enough.

You were disappointed that you didn't succeed in keeping the job, but I have to tell you how proud I was of you!  You were cheerful and I saw you were working hard.  You were thankful for the opportunity even if you didn't get as much as you wanted to.

You are my right hand boy and I really appreciate your hard work, determination and help.

This last year of school was a challenge. You did online school in the fall of last year so you could stay home and help me before JJ was born.  You kept K safe and did many tasks around the house so I could stay relaxing on bed rest.  You cleaned and got me food.  Which is saying something, especially of today's 13-year-olds.

School kind of went a bit on the back burner and you didn't give it your normal focus.  But you were so helpful and determined to help and protect me, your mom, and our family.

Then after I had JJ I wasn't supposed to lift anything for six weeks. Again you were there to lift, move about and help.

Online school, particularly math, expected you to find a lot of the information you were studying on the internet--where we all know information is not entirely correct or accurate and may or may not match what is in the classes or there would not be many good examples of accomplishing goals.

You got back into offline public school in January and then the entire winter our family took turns getting super sick.  Because you were gone a lot, the teachers were not very optimistic about your grades.  Then the last few weeks of school you started going in early two to three times a week to catch up.  I was so proud of you! You caught up and your grades showed it.

You know my favorite movie Meet the Robinsons where the Robinson family celebrates the failure of Louis.  They do a great musical number of "Keep moving forward."

Then at the very end a great quote from Walt Disney states:
"Around here, however, we don't look backwards for very long.

We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we're curious... and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."

So you are going to keep moving forward, setting new goals, failing greatly, and succeeding.  You've got a bright future ahead of you!  I am so proud of you and you are love love loved! You've got grit, son!  You'll be able to do whatever you put your mind to, eventually!  You can do hard things!

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