Monday, June 26, 2017

My New Best Friend

I have a new best friend.
He's always proud of me.
He loves to listen, sing and dance
When together, there is glee.

He loves to hear me talk.
He stops to hear me sing.
When I'm gone, he'll start to cry.
What sadness that can bring.

But when I come back his joy is full.
He'll leap into my arms.
What took so long is often asked.
I guess he likes my charms.

This boy, this boy,
You'll often hear me say
Drives me wacky, makes me smile
He's stolen my heart all away.

He may be small,
But he is bold.
Mom's his favorite.
Mom is gold!

My poetry is not the finest, but I don't mind. It brought a smile to my lips as I was thinking it out tonight after putting you to bed, JJ.  You are a such a joy to me!  I adore your gleeful smiles and the way you crawl to me, lunge toward me, pinch others until you're in my arms, and the way you help me feel--desperately needed and cherished. I love this stage when whining is not an option because you can't talk just yet.  Though you do a convincing "Mmm" when you're loving what you're eating.  I am going to record  your crawling because I just don't want to forget.  Each stage with you is so precious and I've put aside my recording and photos for a lot of it just to take it all in.  In the photo above you are actually pushing off S to get to me. You take your job as my best friend very seriously. You even bat other people away when they try to get to you.  You howl at church if someone else other than me (and okay, dad too) hold you.  You try to hold every gadget and gizmo--particularly electronics.  You are trying so hard to learn to scroll. I can't get over how fast you're growing.  I love you so dearly, my little miracle boy!

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