Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Sunday Walks

 Sunday evening walks are my favorite.  I love the coolness of the evening stilling the day of the hub bub and preparing all for the deepness of the night.
 But more than anything I love those whom I share it with.
 I have my parents to thank for the love of walks and drives.  They love to drive and see beautiful things and they happen to know where some very beautiful places are near where they live.  I'm trying to find all the beautiful places near where I live (there are many).
 Getting these kidlets to stop and blow on the gone-to-seed-dandelions makes me feel as though I've done something right. They love nature, just like my parents taught me to love nature.
When I was growing up my parents would take us on "adventures." Some of those adventures included leaving the well-worn path and experiencing something different and new. A couple of times those adventures were pretty exciting, like when I was trying to copy my older brothers doing some sweet jumps off the half-pipe up at Jackson Hole in the spring and me ending up with a slight injury on my leg because of a pointy rock.  Or seeing, for the first time in the wild, a rattle snake.  But I loved all the adventures, even though I imagine I gave my parents some whining every now and again pretending not to.  Ha!  Thanks, Mom and Dad!

There is so much to see.  Our Heavenly Father has blessed us so intensely with wonderful things to behold, admire, and learn from.
In the above photo was a nest that R found that had many ducklings (9). The mama duck and the daddy duck didn't seem to worried about us coming near.  But I did not allow any of the kiddos to touch the ducklings.  They were so new and cute as could be.
 I feel so grateful for this man! I love him so much!!
 He is such a good dad to our kidlets.
 Also, I love the Spring weather so much!

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