Friday, May 19, 2017

Motherhood Realizations, Updates, and Goals

I remember thinking that I would be the best mother that ever lived. I had strong opinions on what I would and would not do.  My children would always be obedient.  They would always look clean and well kept.  If they had a runny nose it would always be wiped.  If they threw a fit I would always have the tenacity and fore-thought to reel it in and put a fast stop to it.

Maybe I didn't communicate those ideals well enough to my kiddos, or more likely I am your run-of-the-mill mother that is just doing her best to keep her kids clothed and alive.

Working to teach them to be kind, recognize their tones of voices, whilst recognizing my own tone and way is proving to be a challenge because no one told me that children are like mini-parents. They sound just like me.

More than anything, I love my dear family.

Lately, JJ has been giving me kisses almost as often as I have been kissing him. Sometimes by the end of the day all my make up has been kissed off since his kisses involve grabbing my whole face with his dear 8-month-old cherubic hands and giving me the biggest smiling mouth, wide, and drooling smack on my cheeks.  He prefers sippy cups to bottles.  He loves eating any kind of food and often says, "Hmmm" contentedly when he likes the food.  He is a huge snuggler and smacks his lips when he is happy.

K loves movies.  She would spend all day watching TV if given the option, which I would like to say only happened when we were all sick.  She love dollies, trains, music, and school time.  One of my goals with her is to practice sitting more in hopes that sitting in church will become an out-of-habit-I'm-sitting experience as well as waiting in lovely places like the doctor's office. Right now, W is her favorite and often when he is gone first thing in the morning she'll cry for him--sometimes for as long as 20 minutes.   When he gets home she does not leave his side. When he sits, she sits on his lap.  I was her favorite until JJ was born so I'm accepting of this--usually.  I love my K snuggles though. She loves to hold JJ's hand all the time they are near one another (awake and asleep).  Which means the moment they are in the car, she holds his hand.

W is also T's favorite.  T loves to play computer more than almost anything else.  W has put him in charge of installing the software of our new printer.  We also go to him when we need computer terms described.  He loves to play games with his friends while they are together or on the phone.  He is so determined and fun!

S steals away, with permission, to the craft room of her piano teacher, which is similar to candy land (which S would also like) but with many different crafts to choose from.  She can spend hours and hours in that room creating. Then she comes home and loves to make things here.  Her personal favorite, which requires prior permission, is silly putty or gak.  She loves to see the different combinations of things that make a putty (which is a lot of things).  She loves the tactile feeling.

R is loving swim team.  He is looking older and older by the minute and is only a measly inch shorter than me (I think he'll pass me by the end of they year).  He loves to perform and is in the musical in Lebanon, Oregon with me this summer.  He loves games, reading, and drawing.  He is my right hand man and I often call on him first to get things done because he normally does it the first time I ask.   He loves to make people laugh.  It is fun to talk with him to and from the rehearsals.  I love opportunities to spend time with the kiddos one on one and this has reminded me that I need to do that more with each child.  But, I'll be honest, it is a work in progress.

We almost bought a house somewhere else in Albany, but it didn't work out. It was a good deal, but our friend who turned us on to the development  saw the workers putting shingles on a house without tar paper--except for the places that inspectors generally look--the outer perimeter, if I understand properly.  Then, after she told the realtor, she saw the roofer go and take two rows of the shingles he'd put on and put down a small area of tar paper and then move on.  One wonders, if they are taking shortcuts out where everyone can see them, what are the shortcuts they are taking inside where few can see what is happening?! So maybe it was a blessing in disguise.  There is also a chance we'll find out if it is just that worker, the contractor or the whole she-bang.  Hopefully it was only that guy. Then we may try with a different house.  It was a great deal and the prospect of getting out of debt sooner is really enticing.

In My Fair Lady I am Mrs. Eynsford-Hill.  This means I hopefully will have more available fun time with the kiddos this summer.  I want to make short videos with the non-principle people that tells how each person ended up in the My Fair Lady story line.  I'm trying to figure out what to do that is non-tea-time, but I guess I'll ask people and find out what they're thinking about their characters.

I have been listening to Tony Robbins and his Unlimited lecture on the library app and I liked that he says you don't have to know everything about something before you do it (for example you don't have to know everything about electricity to flip a switch and turn on a light) and I am one of the people that tends to learn by doing trial and error (even if sometimes it is heavy on the error side--which is when I tend to learn the most).  So, that is why I keep trying to be a filmmaker and what my hope is for this summer.  Parenting is like that too!

It is interesting to have older children and then younger children with a space between (we have a six year space) because I am realizing that it is a fact that younger children are demanding mostly in the physical sense and older children are demanding in the emotional sense.  Both can be exhausting.  But, thankfully, so rewarding and joyful.  Let's be honest though, it is a roller-coaster.

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