Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Christmas LAFTA Show

 This was the second Christmas Show from LAFTA I was able to be in and I again just loved it!  This year, the woman who champions almost every LAFTA event, Terri Krebs was a host with the incredibly awesome Ryan McWayne who teaches fifth grade and was a professional actor.

 There were great jokes and beautiful voices singing classic and new Christmas songs.
 There was dancing and joy galore.

 Ha!  I feel more confident than I look in these photos. 
 To my mother reading this, I will strive to make sure I have better posture next time. Love, M
 There is something wonderful in coming together to celebrate holy-holidays! I love singing with others, especially this group, Voices in Your Head. We get together and laugh and sing for an hour and a half a week and it does my soul so much good.  These are some amazing people, I tell you!  I only wish W had the time to join our group. :D
 Then Terry Wadlow with her husband, Santa, made me laugh as they smooched for the camera.

 My friend and fellow-singer, Shalyn was so dear with her sweet baby.  I love both of their faces, especially considering her baby was sick at the time.
Holiday concerts may be my favorite.

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