Monday, April 24, 2017

First Snow of the Season

 Snowing is a big deal here in Oregon, because it hardly ever happens.
 The kiddos love to be surrounded by blankets, love and warmth.  I do too!  So we read some great books together, like the one below.

Then as it got darker and and darker we were able to dash outside in our winter clothes and enjoy the snow.  In 2015 we only had one little snow storm, but 2016-2017 we had quite a few--so much that the school short days were extended to almost a full day of school and instead of getting out on a Thursday, we will now be getting out of school on Friday.

 There were even icicles.
 S was worried about our neighbor's cat so she brought him in for a few minutes.  Loki, the cat, loves to give S hugs.
We have a small berm by our house so the kidlets decided to try to sled down it.  We had one sled so there was a lot of sharing. :)

 I loved how the lights shone on the house, the chicken coop and shop.  I love our home!

 It has been such a blessing to be able to live here.  See that snow coming down and the house beckoning with such warmth and joy.
 T was delighted about the whole thing.

 Then we took a selfie.  But it was so dark it didn't come out that well, but I feel it still provides the feeling--happiness.

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