Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Commas and Faces

December was packed with Christmas joy and celebrations.  T just told me to write "joy."  Love that boy!  We watched a bunch of the Hallmark Christmas movies.  I love a love story where the characters grow and learn more about Christmas and themselves (essentially growing closer to Christ--right?!). 
 I nursed JJ a lot.  We kept getting and recovering from sicknesses.  What a winter, I tell you.
 Tommy wanted me to add a comma after "getting" in the above sentence.  There was quite a discussion--okay, mostly me saying with exasperation, "I've got more experience than you, buddy. It does not need a comma."  
I'll let JJ's face tell you how I feel about this.  This may be my first "discussion" over punctuation in my blog posts.  It does not need a comma!

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