Sunday, April 30, 2017

Menu This Week

Menu for this week:

This is from our 15th Anniversary mini-honeymoon. We went to the Oregon Garden Resort. It was beautiful and we got to go the gardens after all the other people left.  It was a romantic evening even with the little one in tow.

Monday: Balsamic Chicken with Roasted Vegetables
Tuesday: Veggie Lasagna Portobello Mushrooms
Thursday: Slow Cooker Italian Beef Hoagies (These are AMAZING). 

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

 For a place that doesn't really get snow--we got snowed in!!
 S and T built a fort.
 K braved the cold for awhile and then retreated to the warmth of the house (like me).

 R tried making a fort with larger snow containers i.e. the containers that we store our to-be-hand-me-downs.
 What a great looking crew I've got.
 S was rocking the half-up/half-down look.

 W was so fun out there with the kidlets!  How I love that man! 

Commas and Faces

December was packed with Christmas joy and celebrations.  T just told me to write "joy."  Love that boy!  We watched a bunch of the Hallmark Christmas movies.  I love a love story where the characters grow and learn more about Christmas and themselves (essentially growing closer to Christ--right?!). 
 I nursed JJ a lot.  We kept getting and recovering from sicknesses.  What a winter, I tell you.
 Tommy wanted me to add a comma after "getting" in the above sentence.  There was quite a discussion--okay, mostly me saying with exasperation, "I've got more experience than you, buddy. It does not need a comma."  
I'll let JJ's face tell you how I feel about this.  This may be my first "discussion" over punctuation in my blog posts.  It does not need a comma!

Monday, April 24, 2017

First Snow of the Season

 Snowing is a big deal here in Oregon, because it hardly ever happens.
 The kiddos love to be surrounded by blankets, love and warmth.  I do too!  So we read some great books together, like the one below.

Then as it got darker and and darker we were able to dash outside in our winter clothes and enjoy the snow.  In 2015 we only had one little snow storm, but 2016-2017 we had quite a few--so much that the school short days were extended to almost a full day of school and instead of getting out on a Thursday, we will now be getting out of school on Friday.

 There were even icicles.
 S was worried about our neighbor's cat so she brought him in for a few minutes.  Loki, the cat, loves to give S hugs.
We have a small berm by our house so the kidlets decided to try to sled down it.  We had one sled so there was a lot of sharing. :)

 I loved how the lights shone on the house, the chicken coop and shop.  I love our home!

 It has been such a blessing to be able to live here.  See that snow coming down and the house beckoning with such warmth and joy.
 T was delighted about the whole thing.

 Then we took a selfie.  But it was so dark it didn't come out that well, but I feel it still provides the feeling--happiness.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Ward Christmas Party

  In December, I was in charge of the manger scene at the ward Christmas party.  I am not a crafty person and I was really proud of myself for getting this to look like this--thus all the photos.
We couldn't actually go to the party since we had the LAFTA Christmas concert to go to.
I heard it held up pretty well.  I hope people knew it was supposed to be the stall where Jesus was born. There was a baby doll in there for Jesus. Later a couple of the Primary kiddos came and were dressed up like Mary and Joseph.  I love those Primary children so dearly!! 
Another point of the manger right here was to keep the chapel blocked off so no kiddos could go running in there and to maintain the Spirit of reverence we hope to have in each of our buildings, which we call the Lord's house.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Christmas LAFTA Show

 This was the second Christmas Show from LAFTA I was able to be in and I again just loved it!  This year, the woman who champions almost every LAFTA event, Terri Krebs was a host with the incredibly awesome Ryan McWayne who teaches fifth grade and was a professional actor.

 There were great jokes and beautiful voices singing classic and new Christmas songs.
 There was dancing and joy galore.

 Ha!  I feel more confident than I look in these photos. 
 To my mother reading this, I will strive to make sure I have better posture next time. Love, M
 There is something wonderful in coming together to celebrate holy-holidays! I love singing with others, especially this group, Voices in Your Head. We get together and laugh and sing for an hour and a half a week and it does my soul so much good.  These are some amazing people, I tell you!  I only wish W had the time to join our group. :D
 Then Terry Wadlow with her husband, Santa, made me laugh as they smooched for the camera.

 My friend and fellow-singer, Shalyn was so dear with her sweet baby.  I love both of their faces, especially considering her baby was sick at the time.
Holiday concerts may be my favorite.