Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Sundays and Rainy Days

 Some more after church photos.
 I have early morning meetings twice a month and W gets all the kiddos ready.

 It amazes me that he is able to get all five kiddos out of the door and on time to church most of those Sundays.
 Which is almost better than when both of us get them ready. Ha!
 K stole that phone, so we are going to have her return it (yes, that was in November and no we have not yet returned it--this Sunday, for reals).
 She looks so innocent.  I don't think she meant to swipe it.
 And just to make ya go "Aw!" here are some photos of J.
 He has grown out of all these outfits and is even more perfectly chubby.
 How glad I am for these babies!

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