Monday, February 6, 2017

Albany Regional Museum

 This is a fabulous place in Albany, Oregon called the Albany Oregon Regional Museum. 
 It was one of the days just before Thanksgiving.

 They had a antique hunt.

 It was wonderful to see K play with the toys and enjoy every minute.

 Dress-ups, tinker toys, dress ups, books, and a typewriter made the time there even more exciting.

 This photo cracks me up ^^ doesn't she just look resigned to her fate of curled hair but also like she's pleading for help.

 Before we went there we went for a hike on the Dave Clark Riverfront Path.
 It was colder than it looked, but we were just glad to be out walking. Well, there was a bit of complaining on the way, but mostly we were happy. Ha! 
So glad I have this brood of mine. 

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