Monday, February 13, 2017

Thanksgiving 2016

 Thanksgiving was a blast.  B and T are some of the kindest people you will ever meet.
 The food was delicious and my parents came and had dinner with us (and they spent the night there) before going to my uncle's house for Thanksgiving part two!

 This is just a small sampling of how loved my little brother is. He is generally swarmed by all the grandkids.
 K found a dolly and immediately began carrying it around calling it hers.  It was not hers.  She named it, as she has most of her dollies, Baby Goo Goo.

 I know this wasn't very long ago, but R already looks older than this. 
 Those couches were so comfy, everyone who sat in them fell asleep after dinner.
 K made friends with Baby R.A. 
 Look at that curl on top of her head!  Isn't adorable?!
 Being with family on Thanksgiving Day is one my most favorite times. I really missed family the Thanksgivings we were away from everyone!
 Poor Ash. wasn't feeling very well, but you should have seen Am. solve the rubix cube. She could do it in under a minute. Wowsers!
 This was a photo re-enactment from when we were kids.  Haha!
 My brothers still make me laugh.
Now they are all training for an Olympic triathlon. So glad they are my brothers.

Not pictured is that right after this we went downstairs to another wonderful room in their house and we watched funny videos and the kids, all nineteen of them, did amazing, funny, and goofy skits that kept us in stitches.  I love us!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Cutie Pie

 This sweetie pie brightens my day.  This was in November on our way to my brother's house for Thanksgiving.

 Oh, those facial expressions!  I love them!
 K was so fun with J sitting next to him. 
I love this time so much!  He's grown even more since then and every day I feel so grateful to lay eyes on this sweetie pie each day!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

November Break--Albany Bounce House

 We had a bit of time off before Thanksgiving.  We decided to enjoy some of the wonderful things that Albany has to offer.

 The Albany Regional Museum is a wonderful place for the kiddos.  But we had to keep a close eye on K because she tried to touch everything.

 After the museum we went to the bounce house place in Albany.  They love this place.
 J snuggled the whole time.  K had a wonderful time on the bouncy-toys and then dashed upstairs to go play on the toddler toys and books.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Albany Regional Museum

 This is a fabulous place in Albany, Oregon called the Albany Oregon Regional Museum. 
 It was one of the days just before Thanksgiving.

 They had a antique hunt.

 It was wonderful to see K play with the toys and enjoy every minute.

 Dress-ups, tinker toys, dress ups, books, and a typewriter made the time there even more exciting.

 This photo cracks me up ^^ doesn't she just look resigned to her fate of curled hair but also like she's pleading for help.

 Before we went there we went for a hike on the Dave Clark Riverfront Path.
 It was colder than it looked, but we were just glad to be out walking. Well, there was a bit of complaining on the way, but mostly we were happy. Ha! 
So glad I have this brood of mine. 

Friday, February 3, 2017

IKEA and Farewell

 It was so fun to have Grammers and Grandma come, remember?! See here.
 Remember J's sweet red hair?!  It was the first time that Grammers and Grandpa had seen baby J.

 Hi Mom, do you want to feed me?
 We had to stop by IKEA really quick, where we had lunch.

 Then we dropped them off at the airport.  Tears were shed by my kiddos.  So great to have them here.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Sundays and Rainy Days

 Some more after church photos.
 I have early morning meetings twice a month and W gets all the kiddos ready.

 It amazes me that he is able to get all five kiddos out of the door and on time to church most of those Sundays.
 Which is almost better than when both of us get them ready. Ha!
 K stole that phone, so we are going to have her return it (yes, that was in November and no we have not yet returned it--this Sunday, for reals).
 She looks so innocent.  I don't think she meant to swipe it.
 And just to make ya go "Aw!" here are some photos of J.
 He has grown out of all these outfits and is even more perfectly chubby.
 How glad I am for these babies!