Monday, January 16, 2017

W watching K

 Right after I had J, my sweet husband, W, watched K out in S's art studio.
 K got out all of S's paint and well, painted E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.  I think she must have thought it was lip gloss too because--as you can see--it got her face too.

W even filmed it! I couldn't get it to post properly so--maybe later you'll see the joy of paint.
 But when S saw the lovingly smeared paint, it was not funny anymore.  S was anything but amused.  After a few moments of frantic tears from S,  W did the honorable thing and went and cleaned up as much paint as possible and then he took S to get new paint.  W was certain all that paint would wash off those (yes, new--the label wasn't even off the shorts--ha!) shorts.  It didn't. Oy!
 The kidlets love to hear when/if Dad or I were their favorites and when.  Each of them have had a lot of time when Dad was their absolute favorite and since that first big bleed, W has been K's favorite.
W really has a soft spot for his girls.  They can pretty much get away with anything (sorry, boys).  They know if they really, really want something that they just go and talk to Dad and eventually within a few minutes the answer is "yes." So glad we have him!!!

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