Wednesday, January 18, 2017

S Cross Country

 This girl is one of the most driven people I have ever met.  She gets an idea and there is no "someday."  It is all to-day.
While she says she didn't love  all the running involved and always came home completely exhausted from her run I can tell you, I was so proud of that girl for sticking through it.  She really improved toward the end and even got as fast as some of the girls that were in the faster group--meaning a lot of improvement.
Sometimes it made me smile because she would see me looking at her and she'd run faster. It made me smile that she kept pressing forward even if sometimes she had to walk.
I feel like that is a metaphor for life.  Sometimes life gets exhausting and we need to slow down form the race of life and walk.  Then when we get our wind back and we can breathe easier, we can start running again.  For example, I had to "walk" by taking it easy with being on bed rest and had to miss some of her races and I couldn't take R to school because he wanted to be in cross country, but he was there to help me (can I ever tell you how incredibly blessed I was that R was there to help me--even if it was a huge learning curve to do online work).  He probably literally saved my life for being there to help me with K! Now I am trying to get running again, setting new goals, getting R back to regular school so he can see his friends and loving every minute with my toddler in her does-she-ever-stop-running phase and J is who's growing faster than the blackberry bushes trying to take over my backyard.

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