Wednesday, January 11, 2017

More Snugglebugs

 I just can't get over how much this kiddo changes so quickly and how much I adore him.
 Yes, I am trying to catch up my blog from October.  What can I say, things have been busy.

 I look at this blog like family history--only it is really close to the present--and it seems to be going by in a blur.
 One of the things I got from my grandpa's house was the candle in the above photo.  I found a beautiful candle holder that tickled my sentimental heart.  I kept it out until after Christmas.
 More snuggles and cuddles for J from K.  She loves him so much!

 We are, just this week, going through hand foot and mouth disease and I have to say that with how dearly loving K is it is really challenging to keep her away from J.  It is her round 2 of hand, foot and mouth disease. She had it last year.
 I love her sense of humor.  It makes me laugh all the time.

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