Friday, January 27, 2017

K has been making us all laugh.

For example, Monday I was having a battle with Candida and was going to go take a apple cider vinegar infused bath and I said to K trying to climb on my lap, "K, I am going to go take a bath." K said, "Me too."  S told her imploringly, "Mommy is sick." K said, "Me too. We're sick together. We need a bath."

Then K showed S a photo of herself on this laptop and S said, "That's my girl!"  K disagreed, "That's mommy's girl."

She loves J, as I have mentioned previously.  She sits next to him in the car and when I ask how J is doing, K says, "Him [he] loves me.  Him is cute."  He does love her and often gives her oodles of smiles as long as she is not picking him up and carrying him around the house.

I do correct her and give her the right way to say it, but I just love hearing her call him "him" instead of he or his.

Last night she was telling us a story. It went like this, "Once upon a time there was a sheep named Rapunzel with long hair."

W said, "Did it live in a castle and did the prince save her from the dragon?"  I am not sure what version W knows, but K said,  "Yes."

Then she began again, "Once upon time there was sheep named Rapunzel and a dragon came and ate her."

Then there was another few renditions where the dragon and Rapunzel and the prince became friends.  I love the mind of a three-year-old.

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