Friday, January 13, 2017


This boy!!  His expressions just tickle my heart over and over.

K was a chef for Halloween!
S was spattered with paint--thus being an artist.
She let me curl her hair and put make-up on her face.

S added the smudges on her face because apparently most artists have smudges on their faces.

We had a quick dance party.

This was the year I decided you could make your own costumes. I was still reeling from just having had a baby.
There was a lot of anticipation for trick-or-treating.
S and T were adamant that trick-or-treating happen right away (like before it was dark--as was the tradition in New York).
In the west, to my knowledge, we all go after dark.

T was a raisin.
R was Dobby from Harry Potter.

J favored us with a smile.
He wore monster-footed jammies.

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