Saturday, January 7, 2017

Grandpa C's Funeral

I may have mentioned that my Grandpa C passed away a few days after J was born.  My mother was inspired to go home early to say goodbye.  It was not an easy thing to let her go, but afterward I was grateful that she went when she did so she could say goodbye. In fact, each of her siblings were inspired likewise to go and say goodbye.
These the grandchildren of Grandpa C, although there are a few missing and one in the back you cannot see (sorry McKay).  I loved singing with them and think it would be amazing to make this a choir--although we are all sprinkled across the country.  A bunch of us have fabulous voices and I love singing with people like that.

So many beautiful, inspiring memories came to me as we sat in the filled beyond capacity chapel.  He was a principal and a farmer.  He was a teacher because farming didn't pay so well.  He was known for making each child feel important and could have been seen walking around the school grounds with lines of children holding hands--him in the middle.  

When I started to write stories several years ago, my grandfather told me it was more important that they teach the child something rather than just entertain.  He was an educator through and through.   

Jane and Ruby.  Love those girls!
Elder Christopherson spoke too.  He complemented our family's fine singing abilities in a humorous way. I loved what he said.
 Right as we got to the cemetery all the littlest of the littles were exhausted. 

Mom, or Grandma, is constantly surrounded by her grandchildren. They love her!

 This is my great-uncle Gordon, my grandmother's brother.
My cousin, Nicole was particularly amazing to be there--see her new baby girl?! 
Jeff is constantly in demand by his many nieces and nephews to play.
There is my brother Dave telling my beautiful mother a joke.
Tommy and Paul--buddies.
My cousin Doug's family, Mary and her kiddos. I loved how her son gave her a carnation. In our family it is a tradition, I think, to have all the children and grandchildren take a flower from the graveside flowers.  I think of it as an adieu from the dear one that has passed on.
Brent and Tanya hugging with Daniel holding the aforementioned flower.
It was so fun to get to talk with my cousins, uncles, and aunts--but I sure wish I had more time to talk with them.  This is my dad talking with my Uncle Paul.
Jeff hanging out across the room from Dad and Uncle Paul.
Breakfast was so fun with all the cousins.  W kept making everyone laugh.
I got to talk with Nicole and Stephen, her husband (with T photobombing in the back).  Nicole and I were pregnant at the same time.  We both had pretty exciting pregnancies.
I know these photos are a bit blurry, but it felt so quick. I just loved being there with them.
J loved it too. He also met his namesake.
Not sure why, but it always fills me with joy to see my mom visiting with her siblings. I think they were discussing the presidential election. 
I love my family and extended family. I am so thankful to have seen them and hope that someday I can have a good, long talk with each of them. They are all amazing!

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