Tuesday, January 3, 2017

First Few Weeks

 I do not know very many thirteen year olds that would willingly stay home and help with the little ones. But, R has been there for me and the kiddos. He will even snuggle JJ sometimes while he does his homework.
 J loves to be held and sometimes we'll have whole conversations with his face just like this.

 This was our first outing out.  We went to the public library and K had a wonderful time playing with the puppets, toys, chess sets, etc. 

 He's so much bigger than this now, but I still adore these photos. When he was this little I kept thinking that his head was so small I could fit it practically in my hand only--now it is much bigger.

 See him peeking through the blanket Grandma VDG makes for all her great-grandbabies.
 Oh how I adore that little face and those eyes that have the color undecided and those head wrinkles.

 He's doing the VDG arm flex, in his sleep.

 K loves to haul around a purse and her babies while wearing stylish jewelry.
 I think S got my phone for a moment.  She loves to help with J.
 On the day following my grandfather's death, all the grandkids and great-grandkids ate peanut m&ms and took a photo. We are so grateful for him and his example of love and determination.

And one more sleeping photo.  Love this little miracle boy.

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