Monday, January 30, 2017

Girl's Night Out

 In November, S and I went on a girl's night out. I let S choose the activity and she chose manicures and pedicures.  S got the pedicure and I got the manicure.
 J came with us.  He was such a sweet snuggle bug, he only fussed a little.
 S was so happy!  I'm glad we went.

Friday, January 27, 2017

K has been making us all laugh.

For example, Monday I was having a battle with Candida and was going to go take a apple cider vinegar infused bath and I said to K trying to climb on my lap, "K, I am going to go take a bath." K said, "Me too."  S told her imploringly, "Mommy is sick." K said, "Me too. We're sick together. We need a bath."

Then K showed S a photo of herself on this laptop and S said, "That's my girl!"  K disagreed, "That's mommy's girl."

She loves J, as I have mentioned previously.  She sits next to him in the car and when I ask how J is doing, K says, "Him [he] loves me.  Him is cute."  He does love her and often gives her oodles of smiles as long as she is not picking him up and carrying him around the house.

I do correct her and give her the right way to say it, but I just love hearing her call him "him" instead of he or his.

Last night she was telling us a story. It went like this, "Once upon a time there was a sheep named Rapunzel with long hair."

W said, "Did it live in a castle and did the prince save her from the dragon?"  I am not sure what version W knows, but K said,  "Yes."

Then she began again, "Once upon time there was sheep named Rapunzel and a dragon came and ate her."

Then there was another few renditions where the dragon and Rapunzel and the prince became friends.  I love the mind of a three-year-old.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

You've Got The Cutest Little Baby Face

 Sometimes I feel frustrated and overwhelmed. Sometimes I think of the possibilities I could be following and then I look at you, dear kiddos, and remember how blessed I am.
 I am learning more and more every day and I think whatever the future holds, I am learning things that will help me.
 I don't know if you notice that in a lot of these photos I will be wearing the same or similar dresses. I love them. They are the most comfortable dresses--especially when I was pregnant.

 Haha! Look at his face and fist--doesn't it make you think "Why I oughta. . . ."
 I love giving a voice to those hilarious facial expressions babies give you. No words, just expressions.  Like this one above ^^ "Mom, are you sure about this?"

 "Seriously, mom?"
 Even that crying face makes me laugh!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Sleepy Time

This is what an average morning looks like as I leave the bedroom, although W took this photo.
They are so snuggly. I am treasuring these moments!  When Iw as growing up I never dreamed I could hold so much love in my heart!  Not that K doesn't have that grin on her face often that she's doing or has done something she's not supposed to--because she does and I love that grin.  There are definitely times I am utterly run-down and there are times that I walk J because he won't sleep at night and I count at least fifty rounds, striding across my bedroom floor as I walk him to sleep which I secretly count that as my workout for the day.  But even with all that, I know the Lord has blessed me and my family so dearly.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Outdoor Walk

 We went on one of our first walks.
 The day was so beautiful and bright.
 The autumnal light made the photos so beautiful.
 R walked with me.
 J slept through the whole thing.

 Could I just tell you how thankful I am for those kiddos?!  Thank you, R, for helping me so much! I don't know how many 13 year olds that are thoughtful enough to help their moms for such an extended amount of time.  Not saying he doesn't have his mischievous times, but for the majority of the time I am to sure how I would be able to get by without him.

 Thank goodness for warm fall days.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

S Got Her Ears Pierced!

After her last race we decided it was okay to go get her ears pierced.  I had wanted to wait and get them done with Grammers, but S couldn't wait once she got the go-ahead.
I love how these photos show her trepidation,
her glee,
her worries,

her gritted teeth,
her aching to see the final results,
and finally the awe!
She loves them!!
I am sooo proud of this girl!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

S Cross Country

 This girl is one of the most driven people I have ever met.  She gets an idea and there is no "someday."  It is all to-day.
While she says she didn't love  all the running involved and always came home completely exhausted from her run I can tell you, I was so proud of that girl for sticking through it.  She really improved toward the end and even got as fast as some of the girls that were in the faster group--meaning a lot of improvement.
Sometimes it made me smile because she would see me looking at her and she'd run faster. It made me smile that she kept pressing forward even if sometimes she had to walk.
I feel like that is a metaphor for life.  Sometimes life gets exhausting and we need to slow down form the race of life and walk.  Then when we get our wind back and we can breathe easier, we can start running again.  For example, I had to "walk" by taking it easy with being on bed rest and had to miss some of her races and I couldn't take R to school because he wanted to be in cross country, but he was there to help me (can I ever tell you how incredibly blessed I was that R was there to help me--even if it was a huge learning curve to do online work).  He probably literally saved my life for being there to help me with K! Now I am trying to get running again, setting new goals, getting R back to regular school so he can see his friends and loving every minute with my toddler in her does-she-ever-stop-running phase and J is who's growing faster than the blackberry bushes trying to take over my backyard.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Oh Baby!

J, you've changed our lives!
You make us smile and coo!
 You are growing so fast.   You make adorable snorting sounds.  You turn when you hear Mom's voice.
 Your expressions crack us up.
 You love to eat.  You love being snuggled and warm.
You do not like to have your diaper changed or your hand held too tightly--you like to do the holding.