Friday, December 2, 2016


Yesterday we pulled out the (chocolate and Lego) advent calendars.  Really we got the ones because my kiddos reminded me with such gusto and enthusiasm that they needed their advent calendars out because it was after all the first day of December.

Even K said on December Eve, "Santa's starting to come tomorrow."

I think she is right in the sense that we are the "Santas" coming tomorrow.  We are using the calendar provided by here.  It is the one that is shown in the photos above.

Since it was sunny yesterday we had to get out and enjoy how wonderful the sunlight was--since it can feel quite rare during the Oregon rainy winters.
It was 46 degrees and we felt freezing--except for J and R. They were toasty.
We're also getting over colds but the good weather was too inviting and we had to head outside to appreciate some of God's great creations!

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