Monday, December 5, 2016

Fun with Grammers and Grandpa

Our Primary Program was this Sunday.  It went so well. I cannot tell you how much I love those children and how wonderfully the music carries the Spirit to my soul!  Grammers and Grandpa VDG made a goal this year to go to all their grandkiddos' Primary Program. 

I love it when our parents come because I feel like I need to watch them so I can get ideas and absorb all their goodness (which is so plentiful).  Grandpa is so good at helping the kiddos learn.

S and Grammers have a special relationship. Grammers tells S that she is her BFF.

Dad went up and played with K a lot. I think he read her every book in the bookcase.  He knows all the dear little things about K's Baby GooGoo, what she calls each of her dollies.

Grammers always brings a book or comes with a book suggestion for S, often her favorite thing to read.  Lately she's been reading A Single Shard.  She wanted to try using clay (mud).  She's already used her creation she carefully baked and painted with fingernail polish to hold soap up in the upstairs bathroom.  I love her creativity and joy in learning new things.  Grammers wants to go with S to England and Italy.

I dearly want to go to London, I have even had dreams where I was walking down a busy road there per an emergency trip (I don't actually know anyone living there presently) and all I could say was, "I can't believe I'm here--in London! I'm in London!"

One day I took Grammers, Grandpa and all the kidlets to Newport, Oregon.  We love that place--especially me--since I have so many very happy reunion memories there.

 Those little specks on the beach are Grammers and Grandpa with the kiddos (except J) on the beach.  R and T were jumping in the freezing water in the freezing weather.  It's funny how much alike the kiddos and I are--because I would likely have been doing the same thing if baby J hadn't been sick the week before and needed a snack.

We ate at Mo's, which has the very best clam chowder! We loved it.  K has a very challenging time sitting in one place so Grandpa took her out to see the sea lions, which are just up the street. You can hear them barking.  Grandpa asked her to bark for us like the sea lions, which she was happy to do. Ha!  I love being with a barking three-year-old.

Grandpa purchased a chess set and played chess with T, S, and R.

We love you, Grammers and Grandpa!  You're wonderful and we are so glad you came!

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