Wednesday, October 26, 2016

More on the Hospital

As per the birth post, I followed the nurse wheeling our sweet miracle back to the NICU in the nursing chair that rolls around in the NICU.  I sat and nursed or tried to nurse him most of the night.  He latched on many times (miraculous--again).  He mostly loved snuggling.

J didn't cry, but boy did he grunt.  His oxygen was low for the first 24 hours--except when he was in my arms.  I kept telling him, "Breathe.  Breathe, little one."  Then he'd grunt at me.  I couldn't believe I had a preemie. I've never had such a little baby. At six pounds seven ounces He had a lot of little smiles as he slept.  I always wonder how close to Heaven these little ones are. I like to imagine that they're still having conversations with the others on the other side of the veil.  That is a very LDS thing to say, so if you don't get it and want to know what I am talking about you can message me--but know I'll direct you to 

I snuggled him close and every time I moved him, all the alarms would go off, he'd grunt and stretch, and a nurse would have to hustle over to us.  I slept in the chair with him safely snuggled on my chest.  I listened to him breathe and kissed his small, soft head until I got too tired while his little hand clutched my pointer finger.  It had been an exhausting day even though I slept as much as I could since I couldn't see my little preemie.

Right before bedtime, all the kidlets came to see J.  But, they couldn't come into the NICU so they stood outside the window to his machine and waved and cooed.  They could hardly wait a second to hold him for the first time. They got to do the next day.

Two days after he was born my miracle preemie was able to be held by his doting siblings.  Their faces shown with pride and jubilation.  The picture of which, I want to hold in my heart always.

My mother got there the day after I had J.  She was wonderful to be there for me and the kiddos.  I felt so grateful!  She took such good care of me.  I am so thankful she was here until she heard my Grandpa C was not doing well.  I am so thankful she left and went to see him before he passed away.

The third night J was able to stay with me in my room. The nurses, doctors, and janitors (one of whom was in my ward) were the best!  So nice to have so much help!

Then on the fourth day we were able to go home.

As I reflect on my experience at the hospital I am again and again drawn to the miracles.  He is so perfect to me.  I am so grateful that he was revived after the birth and that within three days he was out of the NICU and after the fourth day off of nurse watch.  I love his snuggles.  I love his smiles (awake and asleep). I feel incredibly blessed!