Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Grandpa C

Two days ago, my grandfather passed away.  My mother was here to help me recover from the c-section last week and went home on Friday. I think she was impressed to leave then.

Grandpa C was a good man.  

Some of the memories I have of him are:

1.Written here: he taught me to savor all the moments and gum in life.

2.  One of the times I thought my grandpa could be Super Man was when I was five. A boy, that came with us to what I think was a Home Depot-ish store, began to have a seizure.  I saw him grab a broom and then start shaking uncontrollably. I had never seen anything like it and it scared me.  Grandpa saw what was happening and came over to make sure he wouldn't hurt himself or anyone else.  Soon after that the seizure ended and they boy seemed all back to normal.  I felt so thankful for a grandpa that had been a principal and knew how to handle any situation.  That may have been a jumping board that made me want to be an elementary teacher.

3.  He believed that every book one should pick up should have something of educational value inside, not strictly entertainment.  He loved education.  He gave great tips on painting and drawing the way his mother, whom my mother tells me constantly smelled of oil paint (she was a painter), had shown him. I was really hoping he would come and visit me and help me paint the walls of one of our rooms with trees.

4.  Grandpa knew how kids and adults think.  We would go on a long drive (his favorite) and suddenly, as all moms and dads know, there would be a squabbling outburst.  Even if he wasn't driving, the people in charge would (if time allowed) stop the car and all the squabblers would be asked to hop out and go for a run. The car would slow down and each person would begin running. If the mood was really bad they'd drive a block ahead.  Sure enough, before you know it, the grumpiness would dissipate and all would load back into the car and the change in mood was nearly palpable. I've got to remember to try this with my kiddos.

This photo represents to me seeing the wonder in life.
I am really going to miss this man.  I am so grateful for his example of love, duty, determination, faith, hope, perseverance, idealism, and humor.  I appreciate all the m&ms, root beer, corn flakes, rides on the dirt roads, coming to my school track meets/musicals/concerts, cooing over my babies, great hugs, smiles, discussions, and stories.

The video above was made for his 95th birthday, from Grandpa's childhood.  It was one of my first filming experiences.  I recorded him telling me this story and I loved every moment writing, filming and editing it because it made me feel closer to him.

I love you, Grandpa!

I believe in eternal families and that I will be able to see him again some day, which gives me hope and comfort especially in a time when sadness and desolation feel so close. If you would like to know more, let me know and I can give you more information. is about when my Grandma, his wife, died and how he comforted me.

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