Friday, September 23, 2016

J's Birth Story

One morning recently, I woke up at 3:15 a.m.  I felt a gush.  I knew it wasn't my water breaking because it kept going and going.  I expected W to take a bit of time to wake up.  But I said the words, "W, wake up.  I'm bleeding."

He woke up immediately and jumped into action. He called an ambulance, as he was on the phone, he got me some clothes, and comforted me.

I felt peaceful remembering the Priesthood blessings that I had been given that all was going to be okay with the birth of this baby. I also remembered that there is a need for this little fellow--which comforted me considerably.

K had run down after I'd gotten her to sleep in her bed (a few hours later), and was asleep next to me on the bed.  I looked at her angelic face and listened to her steady breathing which also comforted me.

Soon the Jefferson first responder volunteer arrived and then the Albany Ambulance.   They brought in the gurney and had me climb on. Then they drove me straight to the hospital--I wished they would take me to Eugene, but it was deemed too risky and since that day (as of midnight)  J was 35 weeks along, they felt qualified enough for me to birth there.

They took me to a birthing room for all of five minutes and then to the operating room for an emergency c-section.  I was still bleeding.

W found someone he knew that was LDS to come help administer a Priesthood blessing. I don't recall what was said, but it was comforting.  The room went completely silent.  One of the nurses held my hand and I was having trouble focusing, but I felt so glad she was holding my hand.

The room was very cold and I began shivering.  I am not sure if it was because I had lost so much blood, the anesthesia, and I felt terrified.  W disappeared from my sight during the procedure.

I could not stop shivering.  They put several warmed sheets on me (except where the surgery was going).  I sang hymns in my head, prayed for help as they cut me open.

I was surprised to hear the doctor exclaim something like, "He's still in the amniotic sac!" "I saw this on Facebook a few weeks ago." The whole room was a buzz, "That is amazing!" "This is my first time seeing that and I have been doing this 20 some-odd years."  "I have seen this once before."  I think he was talking about this:

Come to find out, as I wrote this post, that only happens to 1 in 80,000 children.

But, back to what happened.  I saw them move him to the table. They had to resuscitate him (so glad I didn't realize that at the time). I heard a small, short cry, thank goodness! Then they dashed him off. I think W then came and said, "I am so worried about him, I love you.  I think I need to go with him.  Is that okay?"

I nodded, absolutely agreeing with W.  J needed W to be there for him, I could handle this.

This was J a few minutes later.  Poor little guy! What a rough entrance.  I'm kind of glad I was "out of it" for those minutes so I wouldn't cry over this.
Meanwhile I am shivering and attempting to not count the minutes.  I wish I'd have thought of this:  I think counting down 10 seconds over and over would have been incredibly helpful at that time.  I kept telling myself that soon it will be over.

I was so grateful the moment they moved me over to the gurney ready to go to my room and when I got to my room all I could handle was sleep--oh beautiful sleep!
 W sent me some of the photos he'd taken.
Then twelve hours later I got to hold my newborn for the first time.  In these incredibly flattering photos you can tell I felt pretty rough too! Mostly exhausted.
He only got to be in my room for a half-hour before they took him away.  I missed him so much, but we went into the NICU and they had a special chair they put me in so I could nurse him and give him snuggles all the (reduced) oxygen tubes and monitors attached to his little body.  I was in there most of the night. 

1.  The ambulance arrived fairly quick.  I was bleeding just as much, if not more than the last "big bleed."
2.  I was able to remember the words spoken in the previous blessings which offered a lot of comfort.
3. W was with me (oh how thankful I was my amazing husband was home and knew the right questions to ask the doctors).
4.  J was able to be resuscitated.  So thankful for the highly educated (a lot of time taken) for each one of those angelic people that got him breathing again and made my heart flutter when I heard his first cry.
5.  I made it through the c-section. For me, this was a miracle.
6.  So glad that W went with J when he left the room so I could know that it was going to be okay with J.  
7. I got 4 units of blood this time. I felt fairly good, fairly fast.  So thankful for those Red Cross volunteers.

Again. So incredibly blessed and these are just a few of the miracles that happened.  I'm so grateful for all the people that helped me. The nurses were so kind and treated me so well.  

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  1. Melanie, I am so thankful all ended well. I'm positive there were way more angels with you than the medical team who operated. I'm glad you are doing good. Remember to keep a cheerful heart in the times ahead and know always that God is in charge. Congratulations!!!!