Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Wedding Video I Recorded and Edited

A couple of months ago I filmed and edited my first wedding videos.  Nikkita and Alec were so kind to ask me to film their wedding and reception even though I am a complete novice.  And then they paid me.  Whohoo!  First paid gig--I tried to do it as their gift, but they tucked the money in the thank you note and I didn't read it until after.  Thank you!

They were married in the Portland, Oregon temple.  I loved their smiles and dearness!  

Nikkita was so beautiful!  Look at that gorgeous bouquet.  It began raining on us at the temple and I had to capture some of the Oregon rain, which I felt was perfect for the video, but a bit inconvenient for the bride and groom. They smiled at one another through it.

Thank you, Nikkita and Alec.  I hope you and your family will treasure these videos for, well, eternity! :D

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