Friday, August 19, 2016

Updates and Pondering Online School or Public School

Update: No baby yet.  Still on bed rest.  Highly tempted to go to the store and ride the shopping scooters around the store... I asked the doctor about that and she said, "I'll just pretend you didn't ask me that." Then, "If you were to have a bleed, where would you like to be?"  Surprisingly I didn't think of the obvious answer--the hospital. Instead I said, "Well, I guess the store wouldn't be too bad of a place because I could probably get help if I needed it and it's not too far from the hospital."

Interesting thing is, with placenta previa, what happens is (especially after several pregnancies) the area near the cervix is thinned a lot and it is so easy for the placenta to separate from the uterine wall--thus causing a painless but very dangerous bleed.  I did not know this, but now I do.

Still, I'm hoping for that placenta to hold on for dear life (in a healthy way), grow away from the cervix, and to at 37 weeks be induced (not a c-section--though I am so grateful for them!!).  That is what the plan is if all goes well. Six weeks to go.

I'm working on envisioning being in the hospital at 37 weeks, with a v-delivery, having a healthy; strong baby boy, and going home the next day, being thankful I was bleed-free.

I still can't get over how utterly blessed I am we are with this whole thing and how many people have reached out and blessed my family with their service and prayers!  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Now, for the other things my mind has been pondering.  I cannot lift, chase, or be pulled by K. I am seriously considering having my oldest do online school for at least the first month so he can be my right-hand-man--there to chase down and help K when I cannot (which is almost always).
The issue with this is, S and T may feel like this is unfair treatment.  Though, when they are around helping with K can be a monotony of "It's so-and-so's turn."  How to handle this?  It may be the fallback that I have been emphasizing a lot this summer in favor of our helping home and family themed summer that (in a not-self-pitying voice) life is not fair. Don't expect it to be.  Get over that feeling that you are being gypped because you need to help more than you feel is your fair share.

I don't think I will ever earn "The Fairest In The Land Award" with this philosophy--sorry to be so punny.

Thinking and praying about it.  I know the Lord will guide us in these choices!

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