Tuesday, August 2, 2016

St. George Part 2

The place we stayed had little containers for a little fire that were perfect for hot dogs and s'mores.

The kiddos loved it!
Sunday we went to Sacrament Meeting at the church close to the place we stayed. We were in the very back part of the chapel. They said that more than 50% of the people there were visitors. I loved that Tiffany held Mike's hand through the meeting.

Then we went to the Temple Grounds afterward. Where we did the gender reveal of our baby (still wishing I'd have let W have the honors of finding out after all he didn't know yet).
Lizzy really missed Dan, her husband. We were so glad she could be there!

I am always amazed at how the children flock to each of the Van De Graaff girls.

There is such a feeling of love and joy when we are all together! Don't you just love family reunions?
W held onto K for me.  So lucky I married that man! He's the best!

Don't you just love K's lashes?  Aww.   So glad she's my little girl!
Don't let the photo above fool you, T was running around gleefully almost the entire time we were there.
My favorite part may have been how often I heard W laugh with his brothers.  There was so much laughter.

Here we are all in the car, a 2016 Toyota Sienna with under 600 miles on it (a rental).  Still, I pretty much decided since they don't have the automatic trunk opening ability (which I would LOVE), otherwise I would have begged W to buy me one. Hehe. Also, I think my model has better turning ability...and a no-deaths-yet safety rating.  W kept joking about that van the whole time.  Love that man!

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