Monday, August 1, 2016

Reunion in Utah

 We had our family reunion in Utah.  I love the VDGs and they are an amazing family!
We stayed at a place that until this trip I thought was wonderful, but as it ended two of the families came home with lice (eek!).  Mine was one of the ones (through A LOT of prayers and worry and even a coconut oil hair mask designed to suffocate any and all anything in the hair--we were protected somehow).
When asked about the hiking below, T, said, "I liked it. I climbed to the highest mountain to the top. Man, it was scary but I liked it."

I love those colors!  There was less water on the trail this year, but the kiddos still found a crawfish and some tadpoles.

At one point on this hike I had a hiker stop me and say, "Are you the mother of the two little girls with shirts like yours, on the trail up there?  I smiled and said something like, "I'm related to them."
She laughed and said, "Well they are up there together holding hands and singing songs about hiking."  Aunt Lizzy made it such a fun adventure for the littles by leaving "fairy gifts" or little jolly ranchers on the ground for the small ones to find and devour, which they loved!

K found a favorite place to splash. That three foot by four foot puddle was heavenly to those littles four and under.

See how my handsome hubby, W, carried K through that desert. She would hardly take that backpack off--except for jumping in puddles.
T got so hot he poured a bottle of water on his head.
That is our sweet neice.  I love the pleased look her face as she played in the dirt.  Love this family!

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