Sunday, August 14, 2016

Kiddos Gone, For Now

 Last Sunday, my parents took my kiddos to Idaho.
 We've been talking a lot over Google Hangouts.  They've been doing fun things and having a glorious time!  I am so thankful for my parents and their kindness.  They went to Bear World,  the St. Anthony Sand Dunes, the Nature Park (several times), and a lot of other delightful places.
This is me, a few minutes before we left the hospital to come home. I sure hope my lips come back sometime.  Since I lost all that blood it's like they disappeared.  Good times.

I'm home. I've been resting a lot.  Thank you so much to the people who've brought us food and helped my family!

My kiddos came back with Grandma VDG on Saturday.  It is so fun to have them back. I have gotten a lot of snuggles and sometimes four or five hugs at a time! :D  My dear mother-in-law is staying until Saturday.  She and the kiddos stayed at my brother's home on Friday night.  Brent and Tanya were wonderful and the kiddos always have a wonderful time playing with their kidlets! So thankful!

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