Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Hospital Updates

After my mom got to my house she brought the kiddos the next day.
R was still at scout camp and we got the opportunity to go for a walk into the sunshine.
The next day my Dad and brother, Jeff arrived.
Again we went outside for a walk.
Then in another shift, W brought R down, freshly showered and excited to tell me news of Scout Camp, including the wilderness survival award he got.  Whew! Glad he was safe and sound!

We went walking along the river trail, which was so beautiful!  The boys caught a baby garter snake and then let it go.

News at this moment:  Since I have been stable now for 10 days they are sending me home for bed rest.   We live about an hour away from this hospital and feel a little nervous at being so far away from a great NICU and the awesome high-risk doctors here--especially if the studies are right that we have read that say that about 60% of the women that have had a bleed like me usually end up having another one by 34 weeks.  The doctor told me if I have another one then they will do a C-section.
Other news is that my placenta is not a previa any more, but is now considered a low-lying placenta--meaning I could still bleed out and chances are really high I will need a c-section.  I have never had a c-section before and it may or may not kind of scares me--though I am incredibly grateful for them!!
I asked the doctor how much movement he means from at-home-bed-rest and he said about as much as you would do with a sprained ankle and no crutches.

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  1. Oh Melanie I have been thinking about you so much! I am so glad you are being taken care of. These experiences you are having bring back so many of my own scary ones! I had placenta previa with Cade and had a bleed out too. Although it was scary everything turned out just fine in the end. My twins were born at 33 weeks and had a rough start but are healthy 9 year olds now. I remember a set of twins that was born a day after mine at 28 weeks and they did better than mine! I guess I just wanted to say, hang in there, you can do hard things. I can tell you have been inspiring to a lot of people. Sending you good wishes and lots of love! Mary