Friday, August 5, 2016

Hospital Stay

After we arrived at the  hospital, where I am now, W and I guessed at how long we would be there.  I guessed a day and a half and W guessed three or four days. Haha. How wrong we were! 

The doctor came in and told us to plan on having the baby boy most likely within the week and it would likely start with a bleed that could have the potential to be worse than the first.  If that happens then they want me to be right here, at the hospital, so through a c-section we can we welcome this youngster into the world and stop the bleeding right away and know that he will be safe and protected.  

I have had many messages reminding me how blessed I am that I have access to this facility and I am so grateful, but still praying the NICU will not be needed--still I am sooooo thankful that it is available to me!   I have been determinedly resting. 

So many wonderful people have helped my family!  I have had many messages of comfort and prayer, each one reminding me of how dearly God loves his children!  

This was taken shortly after they arrived for their first visit.  How much I love these people! Thank you again for your prayers and thoughts!  Miracles are real!

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