Tuesday, August 16, 2016

At-Home-Bed-Rest and my MIL

I came home from the hospital with a migraine that I assumed was done, but it came back for the next two days and the second day got so bad I could barely see straight and was throwing up.  I was so grateful that a friend, Melody, was bringing dinner by, because she knew what I was going through and immediately got me to lie down with cold packs on my head. Then another family came by to say hello and Janaia, the mom, knew how awful migraines can be and suggested I put my feet in some hot water (she says she suggests a super hot bath with cold packs, but since I can't sit in a hot bath for long--this was the next best thing). Melody, still there, got me a bowl of hot water for my feet and while the headache did not completely go away, it receded enough to a point where I felt like myself again. The next day, it was not so bad and now it is gone.  Again, I felt like it was a tender mercy that those people came by when they did! The food Melody brought by was so good! Thank you so much Melody and Jenaia!  I love my ward!

They were pretending to be secret agents at our family reunion.  Loved it!
My mother-in-law is here.  She is such a blessing! S loves having her near because S tells her everything she is thinking and my mother-in-law is a great listener and always helps S feel loved! She will be leaving soon, with S, and I know S will have a wonderful time with her!  I think Dad VDG is really missing her!  Who can blame him?! Thanks, Mommers and Dad!

She picked up my kiddos from my parents (they met on the first leg of the journey to Albany) (thank you Mom and Dad), stayed with my awesome brother and his wife, Brent and Tanya, and has made delicious food and helped each kiddo. She's taken them swimming for two days.  My kids are loving having her here. I have been able to rest a lot!  It's been great!

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