Tuesday, August 2, 2016

10 Miracles and Tender Mercies Part 1

Yesterday I felt guardian angels very close to me and to those near to me.  Looking back, and even while living through it, I could tell the hand of the Lord was in my life and blessing me with what could have seemed like insignificant miracles--but  can miracles ever be considered small?

Just so you know, this post will go into detail and some of it may be a little gory (but it is what happened).

I have placenta previa . I spent the day resting on the couch because I was having some normal cramping and rest seemed to be the best way to clear that up.  I was also "saving" energy for that's night filming of Oklahoma in Lebanon, Oregon, which I was so excited to do because I got to go on the stage and get close-ups with my good camera.  I had a great time capturing facial expressions and trying not to laugh or jump when surprised (even though I knew they were coming).  I loved filming it!

The directors of the musical, Terri Krebbs and Sarah Reid had asked me not to film the fight scenes, because they could get a bit spacious (there were a couple). My friend that came to help me film and had fixed some of my equipment, Stephanie, had had other plans, but came with me to film.  She grabbed the cameras to get some close-ups (it was the dress rehearsal--no audience).

I sat down for a minute and felt a gush (I thought it was my bladder), but as I walked toward the door keigles and all, I kept feeling more and more.  I ran from the theater to the bathroom. I found hemorrhaging.  I knew it was bad. I couldn't get it to stop.   I called out for help.  No one  heard.  I called again and nothing...

I said a prayer in my head and pulled up my soaked jeans and headed for the cast area.  The first one to notice me was a little girl and I asked her to find an adult that was not going on stage.  She found a woman, Kelly McAllister, that was a volunteer stage hand.

She saw what was happening right away and told me to, "Lie down, right now!"  I was feeling a bit confused and she helped me lie down and put my head on her lap as she picked up her phone and called 911. She had me put my head on her lap. She asked me questions for the operator--"How far along?" 28 weeks. "Do you have any complications they should know about?" Placenta previa. "How many children do you have?" 4.  "Have you had complications with any of them?"  "What pregnancy is this?" Six.  Etc.

Kelly McAllister, was supposed to be out of town, but her plans changed last minute and she volunteered to be a stage-hand for the week.  She said softly that she delivered one of her babies at 28 weeks and that now she was a beautiful, perfectly healthy 12 year old girl. I cannot tell you how much that helped calm me.  I truly believe the Lord had a hand in placing her right there, right then.  My eyes are tearing up right now, because I know it is true. Even now, I feel the calming influence of her words.

Another woman went and got a blanket and covered my upper half.  I felt so bad I was interrupting the play.

I begged them to find Tracy Krebbs and Stephanie Schwarz (my friend that came with me).  Tracy accompanied Brother Prince (from my LDS-Stake) came and gave me a blessing.  I cannot remember everything he said, but I think he said I would have peace of mind and an ability to understand what was happening.

Stephanie came and put a cool rag on my face.  Everyone around me used calming, soft voices reassuring me.

When the EMTs arrived they had to remove my pants and shoes and wrapped me in a blanket.   The women around me put up blankets for privacy (I was after all, in the hallway of high school).  I felt so grateful because modesty means a lot to me.

Right as they were wheeling me out Terri Krebbs came and gave me a quick kiss on the forehead.  It felt like a kiss from my mom, who was in Idaho and was incredibly comforting and made me feel so loved.

The whole time I kept thinking how blessed I was to have these amazing people as friends, even those whose names I did not know and how grateful I was they were there to support me.  Sadly, the whole play came to a stop--for me, but I felt so loved.  I could tell many people right there, right then, were praying for me--I just felt it!

The hospital was five minutes away and it took the EMTs about 10 minutes to arrive (I think--I could be wrong about that).  They were so kind and gentle.  I felt like passing out and the gushing had not
stopped and I was lying in a pool of blood.  They loaded me in and started IVs.  I tried to answer their questions.

Miracles and Tender Mercies Numbered Thus Far:
1. Lebanon High School was five to ten minutes away--if I had been in Albany I would have been 20 minutes away and would have likely had to drive myself and could have easily passed out on the way.  I think W was at work still.

2.  I got to film the play (I would have been crushed if I hadn't been able to film any of it--I was really looking forward to it).  You can debate if this was a miracle--but to me it was definitely a tender mercy.

3. The directors told me not to be on stage for the fight scenes.  Inspiration?!!

4. Stephanie was there--she wasn't going to be, but changed her mind--like she knew she needed to be there.

5. The little girl saw me.  Not one other person was looking down the hall as I walked down there.  So thankful she saw me!

6. Kelly McAllister with a story so similar to my own offered probably the only words of comfort that could have really touched me at that time.  So grateful for her.  I almost passed out on her lap.

7. Tracy Krebbs and Brother Prince were ready and willing to give me a blessing at the drop of a hat.  The words Tracy spoke were truly inspired and helped me feel even more love from the Lord.  I am so thankful they were there and worthy to give me a Priesthood blessing.  Isn't the gift of Priesthood blessings a miracle in itself?!  So thankful for the Priesthood, the power of God on the earth--through which the holders thereof can only bless others.

8.  The women who valued my modesty and spoke so reassuringly, thank you!

9. The EMTs, determined to save my and my baby's lives.  They were so kind and gentle.

10. The kiss on the forehead from Terri, it felt like comfort from God and even a tad from my mom--I hope when I am away from my kiddos that someone will treat them like Terri treats me, with immense kindness and understanding--then I know they will remember my love for them too. It made me feel like everything was going to be okay.

I know the Lord was watching out for me and blessing me all along the way--fears, tears, blood and all.  I was going to wait until the drama was over, but I keep feeling a nudging not to wait. I also feel like what I am writing, including future posts, will not be the end of the miracles and tender mercies.  God loves you like he loves me and He is aware of you and your circumstances.  Pray to see these miracles and tender mercies in your life and you will.  Likely a little and then in times of great need, likely a lot!