Monday, July 4, 2016

Why I Love The Fourth of July in Rexburg, Idaho

Rexburg, Idaho is magical on the Fourth of July!

One of my friends recently moved to that town and I have to say I am really wishing that I could be there this fourth!  I kept thinking about her and what I wish people would say to me when I just arrive in a new town that they love--like things they wouldn't want you to miss.

Rexburg has a marvelous parade that is sometimes big, for them, or small.  There are always fun candies thrown and little things that local businesses give out (including pretty awesome coupons).  It is the best to go with friends, find some shade and stake it out realizing that kids will move out to the middle of the road (be watchful).

My advice for the parade, is that you get friends or family and enjoy the hubbub. Also, take water, snacks, blankets/chairs, and sun screen.

The Rexburg or Madison Lions Club usually does a Bar-B-Q at Porter Park.  It is tasty.

Now, I would take this opportunity to maybe dash out to the St. Anthony Sand Dunes and sled down the hill.  You don't have to climb high to make it fun for the kiddos (I'm assuming you have kids), but if you don't and you have a snowboard or skis that is also fun (but then you also may want an ATV to help you get to the top of the hills).

While you are out there enjoy the baby's breath (plant that you see in grocery stores), and take just smell the land and the sage brush.  It has such a unique smell that is soothing.

Then, go home and take a nap.

If you are home with your family, it is a perfect time to have a water fight and a barbecue (not simultaneously).  Relish each taste and remember how lucky you are to have freedom and family together in one perfect day.

Go get some fireworks to light off on the street in front of your house.

The Rexburg Rodeo is fun. I used to hear it every fourth and then at the end, just after dark, you can camp out your blankets at the Nature Park near the street hockey area and watch those amazing fireworks  minus the traffic (and music) from the Idaho Falls fireworks. The show is much shorter but still so beautiful!

Or you can set up a sheet and watch a fun show on the house in your back yard.  Brothers with projector expertise are great to have then. :D

This year, we are not in Rexburg, though most of my brothers and their families are.  I miss the family so much!  We've had non-stop campouts and meetings in and about Church over the last few weekends that we decided to take it easier today and rest up here. But, oh how I miss my parents and Rexburg on the Fourth of July!

I think I may have spoiled my kiddos a little by going last year (it was our family reunion), because they woke up here expecting the same.  Needless to say, working on the yard--bonding VDG style,  the way Dad remembers it, has taken an attitude adjustment for most of us.   Sarah made us a fourth of July breakfast and I have stuff for either hamburgers or sloppy joes.  We have some fireworks to light tonight.

Hopefully we'll get to go to Rexburg next year! :D  Because to me, it is ideal!

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