Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Office Inspiration

Recently our computers were upstairs. You may remember the photo below from Instagram. We were constantly in the room where they were, but both W and I feel like it would be a great idea to bring them down to the kitchen area where we are a lot of the time.  Which means we'll be moving the TV only upstairs to make the old computer room the movie room/library.  This is why.

We have some friends that have offered to do a lot of the work for us (for compensation, of course) and I am tickled with some of the results they've given us so far--our yard is looking almost as good as when we moved in (gleeful squeal).  We have a chicken and a bunny hutch (post to come). Our shop is clean.  I have an awesome new closet I'm going to have organized soon with photos for you.

If you need a great personal organizer with a husband that does hefty yard/handy work along with their teenagers as a crew, let me know and I'll get you their names and numbers. Because they are awesome and I am so grateful for them!

I am so excited about the new office space that is going to be a part of our great room!

I found some paint that I am going to check and see if I love (commitment, folks, is a big deal to me).  I am going to check it on the wall. Paint a couple of the old desks that we have (since W has told me he loves the size and though it may not look as sleek as a couple of uniform desks, it saves a little moolah).

I am excited about shelves above the computers for hiding great things like a charging station, craft supplies, paper, etc.

I am excited about putting V-D-G above the shelves with big ornamental letters that will make me smile every time I look at them.

Here are some links I am  using for inspiration. I have a Pinterest board packed with ideas, but I know it can be annoying to have to sign in if you've forgotten your password or such.

For this one from Martha Stewart
This was linked on Pinterest to here.

Every time I looked at the links to the photos that were posted on Pinterest, there were very few links to actual blog posts (rather than blogs/websites).

The link on Pinterest was this.

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