Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Film Festival Part 2

 This was right after everyone came to see "The Phone Call" at the festival.  A few of us made a dash to the BYU bookstore. We may or may not have gotten chocolate covered cinnamon bears and other goodies.
 Grandpa and the dads took the little ones to a playground. It was so nice that day that we didn't even need jackets even though it was the beginning of March. It was nice to take a few minutes with my dear mom and family. We also went to the Golden Corral for lunch. There were several gluten free options (which I appreciated).
  R was in recovery mode, but often a lot of pain because of a sledding accident a few weeks before, poor guy.  Gratefully he has now recovered (several months later).

 Don't you love that in the photo above and below acts of service are happening.  Playing with the sister/granddaughter, being a great dad and uncle.
 These are moments I cherish!  See my beautiful sister-in-law and lovely niece?  They are amazing!

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