Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Great News!!!

We are expecting a baby boy!  Number five is on the way!  Don't you love that photo of W. Isn't he handsome! :D  Love this guy!
 I love Ben's face in this photo! The anticipation was intense with squeals of "Is it a boy?" and "Is it a girl?!"  There were a couple of popped balloons.  Haha!
 We were in St. George for Memorial Day for the VDG family reunion and S made me promise that I would wait and tell everyone, even W, my sweet husband, during the reunion.  So I waited and decided I still really like the balloon idea and that the kiddos that were there (there are a lot of us now) would like it as well.
 They loved it!  When I pulled the blue balloon out of the envelope there was a happy cheer (which would have been there either way), but it was such a delight to have everyone be so excited about it. Can you see my baby bump. Yes, I did have people double checking to make sure I wasn't having twins (goes with the pregnancy territory, I guess).
 In retrospect, I would have loved to have W open the envelope so I could watch his face.  Maybe next time, if there is a next time.
 We did this in the shade of the trees in the St. George temple parking lot, right across the street from the LDS pioneer-built temple where my Grandma H used to be a worker (which meant a lot to me). We were trying to keep the temple grounds reverent which is why we did this in the temple parking lot.
 No matter what religion you are, if you need a moment of reflection and peace I would suggest going to the LDS temple grounds closest to you.  They are so beautiful and kept-up.  Plus, to us this ground is very special to us.  Thus the desire for reverence from our family.
S, I loved seeing you help all the cousins!
 This was your smile the entire time we were with the cousins, T.  Such happiness!

  So thankful that I married this guy and so glad we have this amazing family!

Photos by Joe VDG. Thanks Joe!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Monday, June 13, 2016

Oregon Capital Visit Part 1

 In order to help one of the Boy Scouts from our ward fulfill one of his steps before he can get his Eagle Scout Award, he joined our family to go to the Capital Building just in time for the Japanese Cherry Festival.  Do you know how much I love Cherry Blossom Festivals?!?  See here
 I loved your face here, T, even if it is blurry. You get that excited about anything to do with electronics or helping Dad with a project. I'm pretty sure I will never get that excited about politics.

 If we had time I would walk through slowly and analyze these beautiful paintings about the Oregon settlers.

 I would love to go back next year and take part in the Japanese traditions they were showcasing.   All I could think the whole time was, "This is so beautiful. I love this. I love this!"
 S, you were sighing over everything too. You and I had to keep trying to catch up with the boys because everything called to us.
 And the long long hallway... There must be a goal anology or something in there.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Birthday Cakes and Good Byes

 S made T this awesome electronic device birthday cake with multi-colored insides (her specialty birthday cake).  T loved it!

 Then the next day all the grandparents had to head out. Thank you for being there for us!

 Since Jeff was fresh off the mission we had to get a few fun photos together.

 K carried that purse everywhere for months.  Sometimes secreting little and sometimes big treasures into it (she has stopped now--when this was published--but now she has a toddler backpack so we'll see what the future brings).

 Thank you so much for coming to T's baptism! :D We love you!

 Here is part one of their trip.

The baptism part.