Tuesday, May 17, 2016

L. M. Montgomery Adventures

I love the verging on sci-fi fiction of Emily of New Moon.  I tend to want to read this series about once a year.  It is a kind of addiction, the good kind.

Recently, I started reading it again and remembered the hours I would spend in the car with my family and we read aloud to each other for a lot of the time, unless there was spectacular scenery, in which case my parents would make every other activity stop, every sleeping person woken (unless they were babies), and the vistas would be enjoyed to the utmost, by all.
This was an attempted family photo (the clearest one). I need to clean the selfie lens. Haha.

I especially love love loved to hear my mother read Emily of New Moon. She would read each voice slightly different and I could envision each page and each feeling Emily, the protagonist, felt--the hurt, disgrace, the flash, soaring happiness, and a giddiness over select phrases that tickled my imagination.  In case you didn't know, my mother is pretty amazing!
Montgomery gives such beautiful descriptions of just-about-everything.  I think she must have seen wonder in each moment of her life--both the sadness and the joy.  She loved words with her soul and they seemed to love her back.

Then there is a huge part of me that wants to go to Price Edward Island with my family and drink in the whole Montgomery experience. My original hope was to do that this summer, but I think we're going to focus on reading as many of Montgomery's books as possible and then we'll go next summer with my mom and dad..

Sunday we went on a family walk and I looked at the sky, saw the huge frogs we caught at the nature park near our home, and looked at things both from the Montgomery perspective and from a hopeful filmmakers perspective.  It was the type of lighting that would have been perfect for a depressing scene, but it was anything but depressing to me.  It was a memory being made with hope and joy.  Montgomery probably would have stopped and stared all around her to drink in the moment.
In this photo, S looks to me exactly what I imagine Anne of Green Gables looking like.

I didn't capture the moments on film or camera, but I especially loved the setting kaleidoscope of colors playing on the clouds on the horizon.  The reflection of lights from the railroad tracks reflecting on the waters in the nature park and even on the graffitied train cars. The outline of the grasses waving as well as the sound of the water lapping on the rocks, grasses and trees nodding in agreement with the Wind Woman (as Montgomery would have said), the ducks shooing their young to their nests for the night, and the soft footsteps of my kidlets walking along the path.  Then squeals of glee coming from my offspring springing after large frogs hopping along the path and pleas for assistance in capturing aforementioned frogs

Then when we got home and got everyone ready for bed, I began reading the book to you.  You snuggled in your bed, K climbed over to me repeatedly telling me to "Shhh, kyat (quiet)."  But even her gleeful declarations and singing quickly turned to listening and smiling at each of you.  T, it took you a few days to actually enjoy it, but now you look forward to it.  The rule is all food must be eaten, teeth brushed, scriptures read, and prayers said before we read.

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