Tuesday, May 17, 2016

L. M. Montgomery Adventures

I love the verging on sci-fi fiction of Emily of New Moon.  I tend to want to read this series about once a year.  It is a kind of addiction, the good kind.

Recently, I started reading it again and remembered the hours I would spend in the car with my family and we read aloud to each other for a lot of the time, unless there was spectacular scenery, in which case my parents would make every other activity stop, every sleeping person woken (unless they were babies), and the vistas would be enjoyed to the utmost, by all.
This was an attempted family photo (the clearest one). I need to clean the selfie lens. Haha.

I especially love love loved to hear my mother read Emily of New Moon. She would read each voice slightly different and I could envision each page and each feeling Emily, the protagonist, felt--the hurt, disgrace, the flash, soaring happiness, and a giddiness over select phrases that tickled my imagination.  In case you didn't know, my mother is pretty amazing!
Montgomery gives such beautiful descriptions of just-about-everything.  I think she must have seen wonder in each moment of her life--both the sadness and the joy.  She loved words with her soul and they seemed to love her back.

Then there is a huge part of me that wants to go to Price Edward Island with my family and drink in the whole Montgomery experience. My original hope was to do that this summer, but I think we're going to focus on reading as many of Montgomery's books as possible and then we'll go next summer with my mom and dad..

Sunday we went on a family walk and I looked at the sky, saw the huge frogs we caught at the nature park near our home, and looked at things both from the Montgomery perspective and from a hopeful filmmakers perspective.  It was the type of lighting that would have been perfect for a depressing scene, but it was anything but depressing to me.  It was a memory being made with hope and joy.  Montgomery probably would have stopped and stared all around her to drink in the moment.
In this photo, S looks to me exactly what I imagine Anne of Green Gables looking like.

I didn't capture the moments on film or camera, but I especially loved the setting kaleidoscope of colors playing on the clouds on the horizon.  The reflection of lights from the railroad tracks reflecting on the waters in the nature park and even on the graffitied train cars. The outline of the grasses waving as well as the sound of the water lapping on the rocks, grasses and trees nodding in agreement with the Wind Woman (as Montgomery would have said), the ducks shooing their young to their nests for the night, and the soft footsteps of my kidlets walking along the path.  Then squeals of glee coming from my offspring springing after large frogs hopping along the path and pleas for assistance in capturing aforementioned frogs

Then when we got home and got everyone ready for bed, I began reading the book to you.  You snuggled in your bed, K climbed over to me repeatedly telling me to "Shhh, kyat (quiet)."  But even her gleeful declarations and singing quickly turned to listening and smiling at each of you.  T, it took you a few days to actually enjoy it, but now you look forward to it.  The rule is all food must be eaten, teeth brushed, scriptures read, and prayers said before we read.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Top Secret Mother's Day Project "We'll Bring the World His Truth"

This was for the mothers in our ward.  I hope it is a bit of family history that will make their hearts smile over and over throughout the years and remind the kiddos to continually "bring the world his truth."


I have to tell you I was impressed over and over with these dear youth!  I love that in the outtakes video one sweet boy helps the boy up next to him and tries to get him to smile.  I love that our ward service missionary, Amy Wilson, shares that she's a missionary and to see her gorgeous smile.  I loved the boys that normally hide when I pull out the camera actually sat in their spots and pretended they didn't see me.  I loved every moment of filming this because of these children/youth.  

I am thankful for their leaders that were willing to give some time off their lessons for a gift to the mothers and sisters in our ward.  I am a firm believer that each sister and brother, for that matter, are vital to the success of the ward and especially the youth.  Our teachers are some of the most kind-hearted and loving people and the children adore them!  They are making impressions each Sunday and during the week.  

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

T's Baptism Day

Dear T:
Your baptism day was a day I hope I'll always remember.  Including the fact that K did not want to take off her princess helmet and you were baptized with your friend, Jared.
You are the first child to be baptized where we lived.  R and S were baptized in Utah along with other family events.
You were so excited!
You were so proud to walk down the halls in your baptism suit.  Sorry this is blurry, but I couldn't delete that proud smile of yours.
Both mine and dad's parents came up for the baptism.  They were smiling with gladness the whole time too!

These are the feet about to go into the waters of baptism and the feet of dad, who did the baptizing.  So grateful for the blessings of the Priesthood and how even Jesus Christ was baptized to show that that is what we should all do.

See these faces?  We are so proud of you and your decision to be baptized.

This is right before the opening exercises.  I couldn't resist snapping photos of these dear people there to support you, T.  Always remember you are sooo loved!!!

This photo ^^ makes me think of you smugly saying look at me and my clean self.

You sure love your dad!

Do you remember that Uncle Jeff had just gotten off his mission?
He was so proud of you too!

More proud parent/grandparent with you T!

I love you, T!  So glad you are my boy!

Love, Mom

To see more about LDS baptisms and what we believe go here.

Monday, May 2, 2016

What Type of Person Lifts and Inspires You?

In the spirit of keeping it real, I often ask myself, "What will people remember about me?" "Do I inspire and uplift others?"

Do you ever ask yourself this?

My friend from high school was speaking at the BYU's Women's Conference. She was Mrs. Utah and just from following her on Instagram and Facebook have been touched over and over by her quiet faith and her love of her family.

It's people like that that touch your life and you think, wow, that woman is something else.  My sisters-in-law on both my and W's side inspire me that way too.  Each time I get together with them, I feel their faith, their deep love of family, and their determination to do their best.  They are some of the kindest people you've ever met and I tend to shake my head with wonderment that the Lord blessed me to know these astounding women.

Then, there's my mother and my mother-in-law and then it is like--Hold the Phone! There are two spots reserved in the Celestial Kingdom (Heaven) for these absolutely saintly women!

But, back to the subject, what type of person lifts and inspires you? What is your list?

People that inspire me have:

  • a love of kindness
  • a sense of calm
  • encouraging manners
  • optimism
  • good listening skills
  • an ability to "keep it real" but not complain
  • a love for others and others can tell it is real
  • gratitude
  • hope
  • joy in the success of others
  • understanding
There are so many women I know that have these traits.  To them (if you're wondering if you're one of them, you probably are), I say a heartfelt and joyful, "Thank you so much!  You've blessed my life in so many ways!"

I know that a lot of times a group thank you is insufficient, to say the least, but if I wrote a list my heart would ache for the people that I left out that have touched my life.  So please, imagine me saying this to you personally over a nice cup of cocoa or an ice cream cone.