Thursday, April 14, 2016

Wings and Waves Water Park

One of the days off in January, we were able to go to Wings and Waves, the pool portion of the Evergreen Museum.  That place was a blast and R watched K so I could go down the slide with T a couple of times.  There is one shaped like a toilet bowl and we went down backward which kind of scared T and he kindly asked me to stop hollering and saying "Yee Haw!"

K, ended up getting hand, foot, and mouth a few days after this.  Now she likes back scratches. She did not before getting hand, foot, and mouth.
Our friends, Erika, B, and A as well as Kim, S, L, with her neighbor's kids.  K would only stay with R. She wanted nothing to do with being left with the other friends and loved getting dowsed with the huge barrel of water.
I think I got a great workout that day because I had to chase her all over the place several times. The kiddos still talk about their favorite and least favorite rides as well as the injuries. S had to go get a bandage at one point, but it all worked out and we all had a fabulous time.  Minus the messy swim diaper at the end.  That's when I really cheer for disposable swim diapers (which is not what we had).  We highly suggest this place, especially when Groupon has a great deal!

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