Thursday, April 21, 2016

Trip To Utah for the Festival Days 1 and 2

You always get giggly excited when we head out of town on an airplane.
Don't you look like official airport travelers?!  You make me smile every time!
But nothing beat getting to grandma's house where she had dinner waiting for us.

She even made it gluten-free for me!  Thanks, mommers! It meant a lot!!
Grandma Ot. came to give us hugs and tell us wonderful stories. She's so beautiful and wonderful!

The most popular bed in the house was the bunk bed.

Mommers showed us her wedding photos that she just got because the wedding photographer that took photos at her wedding retired. They are such a treasure--wish I had gotten a few close ups of those beauties!

This is what greeted us at the door!  We loved it!

The next night we went to Joe and Kristen's for dinner. I got the gluten free spaghetti. It was all so so good!  I think what made it taste the best is the company. You were in cousin-heaven!
I love love love this family!  I was going to watch the films and take the classes, but I felt really sick that morning (not the spreading kind).
So glad I felt good to come to play and visit!  My sisters-in-law are absolutely amazing women and mothers.  I learn so much from them every time I visit!

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