Friday, April 29, 2016

LDS Film Festival Experience

I love food trucks! Restaurants with wheels and happy, peppy people excited to give you food (for a usually decent price).  
I tried an awesome baked potato.
I got the badge that proves that I'm a filmmaker, but let's be honest, I am more likely one in training. I would love, love, love to spend some time this summer working on a real film with honest to goodness larger than $2000 budget, in front of or even behind the camera.
Here are the family photos. I felt so so so grateful they were there.  All I could think the whole time was how lucky and blessed I am.
In fact, I was so proud that when I went to the front to ask for tickets I told them how many I needed and the guy nodded, unimpressed.  So I said, "All those people are here for my film, all 22 of them!"  The guy realized I probably wasn't going to stop being amazed at the number of tickets I was getting and said flatly (but not disrespectfully), "It's nice to have a big family, isn't it."
I laughed and agreed.
He probably thought that I and all these dear amazing people are from Utah.
Some of them are, but a bunch of them came from Idaho and even my dad's cousin from Washington  Thanks so much!  Again, it felt so amazing to feel so loved!

The following photos are from my absolutely amazing sister-in-law, Tiffany!
They grouped our films together in groups of about 15.  Then, when it came time for us to go and watch them, we all sat together, except for the little children that couldn't be bothered to sit (at all--K), went out with grandma and grandpa to the child almost-sound-proof-room.  They gave us a paper with all the titles on it.  Rather than having us mark which we liked they had us rip a small portion of the paper for the film we liked the best.  I actually ended up taking mine. I thought I had turned it in.  Oh well, at least now I have it for a souvenir.

 After the films were shown we were given time to talk about the film.  Since S  helped me with the writing of the film, she talked for awhile.  She was super excited about the screen play I am writing and wanted to tell the audience all about this.
 The man that introduced us is the founder and director of the LDS Film Festival, Christian Vuissa.  
 He was a little worried because at one point, K got really close to the edge of the stage.
 What can I say, parenting is an exciting profession--keeps you on your toes at. all. times.  But he did say he wanted us to come back next year.  I can tell you, I'm going to up my game. I want to learn so much!  I have so much to learn!  Hopefully, you kidlet-os will learn with me.
Thank you to the film festival for accepting my film.
Afterward we went to the photo area.  Family is where it is at, people. Other things are nice, but family makes it all worth it!

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