Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Brooklyn Memory

K woke up this morning and snuggled with me a lot this morning. I loved it so much. As we snuggled, I remembered when S was just a little older than her and the following experience.

When we lived in Brooklyn, New York,  we went to our very first book signing (S and I).  It was freezing outside and since we were going to go see the writer and illustrator of the book Fancy Nancy and so we obviously had to dress up. I mean, that is what the whole first book was about. Come to find out, people don't dress up for book signings (except the author/illustrators).  Poor S, was so cold and I had to wrap her up and hold her close to keep her warm at all as we waited an hour and a half outside in the cold.

Fancy Nancy was one of S's favorite books for awhile, I think during the time she would not take off her princess pajamas that she "improved" by adding her own permanent marker "art."  Which, made her look homeless and unloved, but oh how she was loved!   The book had also received a little similar "art."  But, since S had loved it so much, I thought she would love to get it signed by the amazingly  imaginative people that had written it, hoping that she would begin to understand some of the things she could do in the future with her imagination and abilities (she is really is a great artist, now).  

But when I brought the brought the beloved book into the store, the owner of the store looked at us like we'd just brought in a dead mouse to show to all the customers.  We did buy another book, even though at the time finances were incredibly tight, but felt guilted into it. It got signed as well. So, glad about that, even though we had to leave it when we moved.

I decided that when/if I publish a book, don't get too excited there is something simmering on the back burner but nothing in the near future, that I will look at those well-loved/well-used books that adults and children bring in to have me sign, that I will look at the book and say, "I love how well loved this book is!  Thank you!"

It was a huge learning experience for me and we had a wonderful mother-daughter date.  So thankful S and I could do that.  I think we both got a good lesson on kindness and what to expect at future book signings.

Also, I love now that S has a there-is-nothing-that-can-stop-me-if-I-learn-all-I-can-and-work-hard attitude.  I like to think experiences like this helped build that ideal!

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