Friday, April 29, 2016

LDS Film Festival Experience

I love food trucks! Restaurants with wheels and happy, peppy people excited to give you food (for a usually decent price).  
I tried an awesome baked potato.
I got the badge that proves that I'm a filmmaker, but let's be honest, I am more likely one in training. I would love, love, love to spend some time this summer working on a real film with honest to goodness larger than $2000 budget, in front of or even behind the camera.
Here are the family photos. I felt so so so grateful they were there.  All I could think the whole time was how lucky and blessed I am.
In fact, I was so proud that when I went to the front to ask for tickets I told them how many I needed and the guy nodded, unimpressed.  So I said, "All those people are here for my film, all 22 of them!"  The guy realized I probably wasn't going to stop being amazed at the number of tickets I was getting and said flatly (but not disrespectfully), "It's nice to have a big family, isn't it."
I laughed and agreed.
He probably thought that I and all these dear amazing people are from Utah.
Some of them are, but a bunch of them came from Idaho and even my dad's cousin from Washington  Thanks so much!  Again, it felt so amazing to feel so loved!

The following photos are from my absolutely amazing sister-in-law, Tiffany!
They grouped our films together in groups of about 15.  Then, when it came time for us to go and watch them, we all sat together, except for the little children that couldn't be bothered to sit (at all--K), went out with grandma and grandpa to the child almost-sound-proof-room.  They gave us a paper with all the titles on it.  Rather than having us mark which we liked they had us rip a small portion of the paper for the film we liked the best.  I actually ended up taking mine. I thought I had turned it in.  Oh well, at least now I have it for a souvenir.

 After the films were shown we were given time to talk about the film.  Since S  helped me with the writing of the film, she talked for awhile.  She was super excited about the screen play I am writing and wanted to tell the audience all about this.
 The man that introduced us is the founder and director of the LDS Film Festival, Christian Vuissa.  
 He was a little worried because at one point, K got really close to the edge of the stage.
 What can I say, parenting is an exciting profession--keeps you on your toes at. all. times.  But he did say he wanted us to come back next year.  I can tell you, I'm going to up my game. I want to learn so much!  I have so much to learn!  Hopefully, you kidlet-os will learn with me.
Thank you to the film festival for accepting my film.
Afterward we went to the photo area.  Family is where it is at, people. Other things are nice, but family makes it all worth it!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Provo Temple Open House

This actually from the second night when we went to Joe and Kristen's house.  Little G loved Annie from the 1970s.  She was smiling, singing and dancing as she watched it--which made my musical-loving heart sing and dance with her.  Miss you, T!

The next day we went to the Provo Temple Open House.

This place holds a special place in my heart, because the day W and I became un-officially engaged (at the time we believed to be considered officially engaged you needed to have a ring), we sat where I am pointing.

This girl loves her Grammers!
I love them!
We weren't allowed to take photos inside the temple, but the details, like in every temple, are exquisite.  The Holy Ghost was there!  There were a lot of stairs and a bit of whining to go with them, but I couldn't get over the details and how beautiful it was.  I love the Gospel and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints so much! So thankful Mommers set this up for us!
This was his "I Love to See the Temple" pose.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Deliberate Parenting: Goal Setting

Summer is just around the corner, not that I am counting (okay, I am and so are the kidlets) the days until school is out.  I have decided that this summer I am going to plan what we are going to do and what we, the kiddos and I, want to accomplish.

I have a list for them.  It's my list of things they are going to do to prepare to become successful adults.  I have been scouring a book called The Parenting Breakthrough, a Real-life Plan to Teach Your Kids to Work, Save Money, and Be Truly Independent by Merrilee Browne Boyack.  If there was a book that I would love downloaded into my head (other than the scriptures) this would be one of the top options.

It has fabulous quotes in it like this one from Elder Dallin H. Oaks:
Families unite when they do meaningful things together. Children should work together under the leadership of parents.  Common employment, even on a part-time basis, is valuable. So is a family garden. Common projects to help others are also desirable. Families may establish a perpetual missionary fund. They can research and write family histories and share them with others. They can organize family reunions. They can educate family members in the basic skills of living, including managing finances, maintaining property, and broadening their general education. The learning of languages is a useful preparation for missionary service and modern life.  The teachers of these subjects can be parents or grandparents or other members of the extended family. ("Parental Leadership in the Family," Ensign, June 1985, 7).

Sister Boyack says: "If you place a serious value on the things your kids learn and do at home, so will they. If you treat those things as a last priority, so will they."

I also love that she emphasizes that it will never be perfect, so not to expect it.  She also says there will be times that we, the parents, need to take a moment to depart from the cacophony of murmurs, whining and such and go someplace hopefully a little quiet to give ourselves pep-talks, remind ourselves that we are training them to be self-sufficient adults, straighten our shoulders and walk out confidently and assured that no matter the groaning awaiting us that we can keep our voices level, matter-of-fact, and determined (this is one of my personal goals so I don't match the whining and groaning-haha).

Would you like to hear some of the things that the kiddos are going to be working on?  Goal writing/keeping, journal writing, scripture reading/pondering, learning to do own laundry, clean entire bathrooms, plan and make meals, straightening drawers and cupboards, planting garden and weed wacking, developing their own reading program, learn cursive (ouch--school systems are hurting the family history indexing process, pretty soon cursive or script is going to be like a secret writing), personal clothing shopping (deal finding, budgeting, getting what is needed), ironing, mopping.

S desperately wants to have a bake sale since she has learned she loves the feeling of a job well-done when she earns money.  In order for her to do this she must train to learn to plan and make meals--I think she can do this already, but I want to be sure.  Meal assignments will be made this summer.  She earned all the money she needs to go and visit Grandma V this summer and I'm hoping maybe Grandma will teach her to sew a little (she'd love love love that because she basically loves doing anything with Grammers V and Grandma O).

The chores are going to be a little heavier too.  We're going to make rotating assignment (setting the table, emptying the dishwasher, etc.).

Adding to the list of chores I would love to have them start (again) to learn Spanish.  I'm going to do a little more research on that to find out some good ways.  My friends said they learned English when they came to the US by watching Sesame Street and another friend said she learned by watching soap operas in Spanish (haha--not for this family--enough drama thank you very much).  

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Trip To Utah for the Festival Days 1 and 2

You always get giggly excited when we head out of town on an airplane.
Don't you look like official airport travelers?!  You make me smile every time!
But nothing beat getting to grandma's house where she had dinner waiting for us.

She even made it gluten-free for me!  Thanks, mommers! It meant a lot!!
Grandma Ot. came to give us hugs and tell us wonderful stories. She's so beautiful and wonderful!

The most popular bed in the house was the bunk bed.

Mommers showed us her wedding photos that she just got because the wedding photographer that took photos at her wedding retired. They are such a treasure--wish I had gotten a few close ups of those beauties!

This is what greeted us at the door!  We loved it!

The next night we went to Joe and Kristen's for dinner. I got the gluten free spaghetti. It was all so so good!  I think what made it taste the best is the company. You were in cousin-heaven!
I love love love this family!  I was going to watch the films and take the classes, but I felt really sick that morning (not the spreading kind).
So glad I felt good to come to play and visit!  My sisters-in-law are absolutely amazing women and mothers.  I learn so much from them every time I visit!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Audition for Church Project

If it is not showing up go here:

I am working on screenplay with my grandmother's amazing story.  I love faith-filled stories and her's is packed with endurance, education, determination, and a love of her family!  So thankful to be her grand-daughter!

For more information on the project I auditioned for look . . . here.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Wings and Waves Water Park

One of the days off in January, we were able to go to Wings and Waves, the pool portion of the Evergreen Museum.  That place was a blast and R watched K so I could go down the slide with T a couple of times.  There is one shaped like a toilet bowl and we went down backward which kind of scared T and he kindly asked me to stop hollering and saying "Yee Haw!"

K, ended up getting hand, foot, and mouth a few days after this.  Now she likes back scratches. She did not before getting hand, foot, and mouth.
Our friends, Erika, B, and A as well as Kim, S, L, with her neighbor's kids.  K would only stay with R. She wanted nothing to do with being left with the other friends and loved getting dowsed with the huge barrel of water.
I think I got a great workout that day because I had to chase her all over the place several times. The kiddos still talk about their favorite and least favorite rides as well as the injuries. S had to go get a bandage at one point, but it all worked out and we all had a fabulous time.  Minus the messy swim diaper at the end.  That's when I really cheer for disposable swim diapers (which is not what we had).  We highly suggest this place, especially when Groupon has a great deal!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The AHHH moment

Today, K you and I were out going to see the baby ducks and chicks that are growing in our out-building.  Then we went outside and I watched you play for a few minutes.  One minute you were right next to me the next moment you were gone, gone, gone.

Then it seemed as if everything went in slow motion. I said a prayer in my head and started calling your name.

I called and called. I checked all the doors. The only doors that were unlocked was the back door that we had gone out of.  I walked around the house, then I ran around the house hoping somehow I had not missed you. All the doors were closed, you tend to leave them open and some of them are a challenge to open. But they all seemed undisturbed.

I searched for twenty minutes and called my friend, Kristen Frome.   She came right over.  The whole time I searched I prayed, hoped that the snuggle we had this morning was not our last snuggle, prayed that if someone had taken her that she would have extra protection and that I would find her quickly.

"Don't panic," I told myself. "You might miss something important."  "Please help me!" "Let her be safe."  "Breathe."

Kristen pulled into the driveway and every ounce of worry came flooding out with a red face and salty tears.  She hugged and comforted me and asked me where I had looked so far.  I tell you, if you ever have an emergency, she's the friend to call because she is so clear minded and able.  She is an answer to prayer, especially right at that moment.

As I walked her toward the back yard, I looked up.  At the window to the playroom I saw you, K,  waving at me gleefully.

Then the tears came even faster than before, only this time they were of relief and gratitude.  Gratitude that the Lord heard my prayers, gratitude for friends who drop everything and come running, gratitude that you were okay.

You'd gone into the house, closed all the doors (which have child locks on the inside so you couldn't come back out).  You had gone through the house taking off your shoes, socks, and jacket.  You'd gone into my room and pulled back the blinds so you could see better outside.  That must have taken a lot of thought and was excellent problem solving, especially for a toddler.

Do you know how much I love you?  I am so grateful we have you!  So thankful for answered prayers!  Even now, even though it is the evening, remembering how I felt and the helpless desperation makes my eyes tear up.  I'm going to be keeping an extra close eye on you.

This morning, before this happened, I had said a prayer. In that prayer I felt a strong impression that the word of my day was "together." As in we needed to spend time together, I thought at the time.  Now I wonder if it was for me to have more gratitude for the time we are together.  Love you!