Thursday, March 17, 2016

Portland With Friends Part 2

 Yes, it has been months since I posted part one, but I love these friends so much that I had to post it months after the fact (especially since I lost the photos for awhile).

 This is the photo(s) where I was able to catch all the children together, so I had to capture a few.  That tree was so beautiful and the smell of warmed nuts wafted across the square and it smelled so good (and they were pretty tasty too).

 I loved this sculpture, so did you boys.
 Classic Oregon, am I right?!

You, T and Bashi were I were in a deep discussion.
 Then here at this hotel they had a marvelous gingerbread exhibit.  Which, I seemed to have missed in the photos.
 This is the interior of the hotel.

 Macy's had a fun exhibit, but it did make me miss the huge one in NYC just a little.
 Then the ball churning "statue" outside.  Pay him a dollar or two and he'd do a minute or two act for you.  His face never changed.

 So thankful for Kim and Erika and their families!

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