Wednesday, February 17, 2016

How I Love Listening To You

Last week in the car, S was being teased because of a boy that likes her by T.

So I told her, that if he is teasing her, it gives her the right to tease back.  But T, started before she did.
"T and ... sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G." T sang over and over.  Which made us all laugh.  Then in a moment of great thoughtfulness you, T, said aloud, "I think I might marry her one day."

S, you said emphatically, "But T, she's not a member of the Church. You can't get married in the temple!"

T confidently said, "Then in a little while I'll teach her about the Gospel."

R, you proudly smiled and said, "That's a good goal, T."

S chimed in with, "But, you should start helping her learn about the Gospel now, so she can understand it faster and better."
T (I assume) nodded and asked, "Mom, if I ask her to come to church with us, can you pick her up to bring her to Church."

My heart was brimming with love and joy in my children and their determination to marry in the House of the Lord, the temple, one day!

This was one of my favorite conversations, ever.

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